today’s mail…the hammock

 It’s little disappointing…the hammock I bid on was not the ugly, dark blue, solid color, no-pattern thing I got today, but cognates know it’s OK. We have a feeling it’s sway-worthy. Who chose which you’d see then use? You notice she has eyes of Horeb? He does believe you heard all. You’re special.”

The anagram says I got my new hammock (in the mail) hammock4-13today.  Yes, the blurb on eBay did say that colors vary, but I somehow still expected to see a brightly-colored, striped hammock arrive in the mail rather than the dark blue one I received. It’s not THAT ugly, but not what I really had my sights set on. You know how that goes. (In the photo you can tell it is cotton, and I think the color was supposed to be what one would call royal blue; but it isn’t a typical royal blue. My logicam cannot reproduce it very well, either.) Yes, I was disappointed, but it will still work, it IS still sway-worthy, as the anagram states.

Next time I bid on something like that I will ask if it is exactly like the photo or what it looks like. I probably would not have purchased it had I thought I was bidding on a dark blue one. Other sites offered what I expected, bright striped patterns. I will say the weave is good on it though, it looks sturdy enough, and it is still cotton as I wanted. I prefer cotton because I think it more comfortable than poly or fabrics. It isn’t as though it is a total loss… just different than I wanted. It just takes a little aceptance on my part, I suppose…easier after I spend some time in it, no doubt. 8)

Here is today’s collage. The anagram comes from text within the pink outline.


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