where ‘ere I left off…

“He speaks to us in a different language…some are bound to be forgotten. The good news is, occasionally, someone like Vickie establishes another kind of communication, like this. That’s God. I know it sounds a little crazy at first but, if thought balloons are a bit like trumpet use, He’s happy we’ve delivered the truth via a “math” path you use.” The text for the anagram above comes from the text in the blue field in the first collage. This was done on the 10th of April, sorry for being late in posting.

4-10-09blogtoonsThe following collage is from April 11th:4-11-09toons

The anagram for the collage above (for 4-11-09) comes from text in the purple outline: “Heaven’s angels are witnessing human distress, Archangel wails away…Lord knows she gave us all this and still fights off tears. Did anyone freak out looking at that “windy” picture of the fantasy license plate on the back of the car on your old “artezian” page?

I found a loving hand of God in Indiana. What a hoot Lamb is… witness sees “math” world within http://www. They see what you saw outside your kitchen window. It’s hard to believe dreams could be made looking at the back of that neighbor’s house everyday. You re-arrange words as if it might satisfy an action, but the thing I miss I’ll never do again.” Kind of a long one, I know. Next…

This collage is done from comics found on the 12th, but I did not choose text to anagram. Still, there is a thread of continuance…

4-12-09toonsThat gets me to today, which I will put into another post.

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