cookies and mice

“So, who asked about the story? We think it’s easier if they give the mouse some cookies to go with his milk. It’s OK. We know you enjoy seeing proof that communication is possible. No,  we are not at a gibberish level…not what my words sound like. She’s by a window and has a bot who looks on Madison.”

The anagram is from text in the wine-colored outline in the top collage, which is from comics found yesterday. The second collage (bottom) is today’s comics, but no anagram was chosen.


I put the new hammock up yesterday and found it either difficult to get into it (using one set of posts) or dragging on the ground (using a second set of posts) even though I am using it in the same place as the previous hammock. I need to figure something else out, rather than getting on a stool to get in it. The storage sleeve came today. They were advertised on sale at Hammock’, so I got one since the “bag” the hammock was supposed to have (from the individual from whom I purchased it) was not in the box. I have no complaints about and will probably purchase from them in the future. The storage sleeve came 4 days earlier than promised…good service and prices. I like their logo too…accomplish nothing.

Actually I got a few more things accomplished today than I thought I would, and still had five minutes of hammock time. Enjoy today’s collage. 4-18-09toons

I found evidence of mice in the kitchen again today. AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!

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