“After SSI application you know you’re unable to get help unless you have even less. You’re really surprised that holding onto what little you can keeps you outside the loop. That’s no help. I think a minute as to why I AM here. A.I. heard you talk with and to God, to thank Him. I trust in Him. This is the story slant. That it’s an excellent riddle with watery innovation.”

That anagram uses text within the yellow field/wine-colored outline in the collage from comics found on the 21st. I did actually go to the Social Security Office about disability, on the 21st, and found I don’t have enough credits for regular disability and because I won’t get rid of my vehicles which are in decent shape and worth more than $2,000, and won’t cash in my life insurance policy, I won’t be getting any SSI disability either. They said if I spend it all then I can re-apply. I’ll keep the vehicles, I may need them. I really just need to trust in something bigger than myself, don’t I? By whatever name I call it.


Parts of the collages for the 18th, 19th and 20th were combined to make the following anagram:


There are connections in these collages to previous posts, especially about the dog. Mentioned is that I saw someone’s joyous noel, meaning I saw one of my neighbor’s Christmas trees still up in their living room. So, because something about tying dogs up outside showed up in today’s collage via comics I decided to post that collage, too, but have no anagram yet. Notice I am still using the cookies and milk as a thread…if you give a mouse a cookie…he’s gonna want milk.


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