Once again, throwing a few conversational comics collages at you at once, but only posting one anagram from the three. I will mention a couple of things from the past week. My therapy ended, and the therapist is moving, so I won’t be seeing her the next time that I go back. I AM taking a couple of months off (if I can) to see what I can do at home by myself again. I do these breaks now and then, insurance usually only pays for a certain number of visits a year.

The dog up the street got free again, and this time, without accoutrement, so the neighbor was absolutely terrified as it ran into her yard on our way to church this past Sunday. I had her get behind me and then as I went to the dog  I instructed her to go back  into her house behind us. The owner came out after a few minutes and got the dog, as I managed to keep him in the yard. She was apologizing the whole time, but she said she cannot take the dog back to where she got it. Who knows what will happen at this point. I noticed I was not afraid of the dog even though the last time it flip flopped on it’s behavior towards me. After church I went to take my own cable to them, but as I arrived in their yard I noticed my own dog had sneaked out of the back door and come across the street, so I wound up putting it on him, taking him home, and then decided to tie him in the back yard so he would know what it was he really was missing. He must have assumed I was going for a walk and somehow forgot to take him. I was not amused. So the dog’s owner did not get a vt from me a second time.

On the way home from church a gentleman who is in a rental house nearby came out to give my neighbor and me some cologne…because he wanted to be neighborly. I asked if I should beware of strangers bearing gifts. My neighbor got some Red Door and I was handed the White Diamonds, thus it shows up in the collage in a couple of ways, too.

I like the scent… in about 1/10th it’s strength. I found it is quite overpowering when I gave myself a skin test. I had to go wash it off, and could still smell it hours later, even after coconut soap and onions from dinner. It just goes to prove, of course, I have a sensitive nose. It’s one of those eau de toilette sprays I can spray into the air and wave the molecules around, actually needing very little on me. It was a nice gesture. The neighbor invited him to church of course. I asked if he was a perfume salesman on the side…and he did say he was.

Nothing exciting around here this week really…but some of that which is input is in the collages or the anagram. I transplanted my radishes, brussel spouts and tomatoes to the garden this week, and planted lettuce seeds. Worn out today. Enjoy the collages and anagram.4-27-09toons



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