May flowers

April’s showers continue into May. My yard is filled with lovely bearded irises, bluebells, columbine and ajuga, trillium, bloodroot and dainty starflowers. Fern peek out from under the hosta leaves and I feel earth’s renewal. The yard is starting to do it’s thing without much fuss. It has taken a couple of years to dig out the hillside to plant the snowball and rose of Sharon bushes that have leafed out in the past week. The front is full of pointed leaves that prepare the way for daylily blooms. It will be a couple more years of digging and transplanting before the upper half of the yard is what I want.

canip-creek-optionMeanwhile, the “consensus” for people that don’t live on this street seems to be to put a new bridge right through the yard or right next to it, depends on how you read the map, or which way the approach would be made. The preferred approach puts it right here, so two of the four options appear to be through the property; the third option is to do nothing to the bridge at this time, even though truck traffic has been restricted to 15 tons, and the last option is the super-structure replacement, which would be about half the cost of building a new bridge. Putting it right where it is makes the most sense, meaning people would have to use a ferry to cross during the rebuilding. It can be done. Semi tractor trailer traffic is already using detours. There is a website about all this (here). Obviously no one seems to care much about this end of town because not much research info is provided on line or info as to the impact of this area.

Tomorrow will be research day at the library, since this property is one of two which were shown on the map in the 1850’s that makes this one historic as well, although it was not given that status. This property is the first/last on the east side. It should account for something in this historic-minded town. We’ll see. I just need a little information for the next meeting.

Personally, I really don’t think there is any place else to go…who is going to lend money to people that make less than the poverty level? We’d need enough money for a property with room for a full metal shop and a house in which to live. I have a river view here and can walk to town. Sure, I wouldn’t mind living in a new house without ceilings falling in, the porch coming apart, etc., etc., but…it’s a roof overhead…even if half of it is a tarp. I have worked hard to make the improvements I have made, whether anyone can tell or not.

Anyway…hope you enjoy the two collages, sorry no anagrams today. I had two more complete collages from today’s comics that were personal, so it kinda’ set me back, making it so I couldn’t concentrate. The rain does that too, though.







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