5 in a row

I have been researching the history of the property here, in an effort not to have a bridge built in the back yard. A tallow chandler and broom maker (from the same family) lived and worked here; so far I have 16 pages worth of information. With the spring time temperatures something I can handle for short periods of time, I have been trying to get a little work done outside, between searches on the internet and comics, so I haven’t done much in the way of anagrams lately. I have been keeping up on the daily comics collages, just not posting them, so there are five in today’s post. You may notice a care-bear type or teddy bears have been in the collages, and my answer to that goes back to last week.

secretbearOne day, when deciding to go to the library to look some things up, I went the long way, by the river road. I spied something out of the corner of my eye on a bench. I thought it was a doll of some sort, and when I went back around, found it to be the secret care bear. Some child may have lost it or someone could have put it there, but since rain was coming anyway, I decided to bring the little fella home. I noticed two days later there was a comic with three care bears types in it, so you’ll see a care-bear type used a couple of times in my post,  “a week’s worth .”  Bears do show up again this week, too. My thinking-out-loud conversational comics collage has to do with some of the research and some of what has been going on in daily life. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like explaining.

The last five collages (from May 8th to today’s collage, May 12th, top to bottom):






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One Response to 5 in a row

  1. Mike says:

    Maybe the care was actually a Kochina Doll! A sign that we need to complete the picnic and woods afternoon at the vineyard. Des that sound possible? Let me know. No more excuses!
    Best Regards,

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