it’s been a while…

Do you believe in transmutation, like turning base metals into gold? Oddly enough, alchemy is quite esoteric, inasmuch that specific information appears unknowable, Jesus Christ unmasked the mystery when He changed water into wine. There’s a true interest in how you could have realized that any text anagrams to the right order if associated with the Almighty’s preference. Just listen! Destiny has charted Egyptian’s first sacred text…it’s string theory letting anagrams fit with average thoughts. So remember, earth beings usually need faith. We each have coincidences, but I got stacks of history dated proof! (The jpeg uploaded with a different anagram context, but the one above was the prefererred one.)

I decided to put all but today’s comics collages on links, because otherwise the post just takes up way too much room. First of all, were the toons collage from last week that didn’t get posted, from May 8th to the 12th. They gave me the anagram above.

I’m sorry to be so far behind in posting, but I have been busy doing research on the property and spending time at the library…not just lollygagging. The Milton-Madison bridge has kept me preoccupied and once I get going, well…things have a tendency to snowball.

Next up is the collage from the 13th of May, a little coincidence included.

The 14th of May was a small one, but it makes an important connection.

The 15th of May includes a rearview mirror which I happened upon in comics-land at the same time some guy came on the mid-day WAVE3 news saying,  “It’s a rearview mirror” (showing his bicycle-eyeglasses rearview mirror).

Then, on the 16th of May it got a little wild, so I knew something was up.

The 17th of May, that must have been Sunday…first time I ever heard the term crotch rocket mentioned in church. Sometimes prayers are a little unusual. I’m sure God hears it all. A cartoon rocket is included in my collage. 

On the way to evening service I saw one of those semi’s painted with the words, “Jesus Christ is Lord, not a swear word.” Someone did a beautiful paint job, the truck was green, and since I was standing on my neighbor’s wall at the time the truck went past, I was eye level with those giant letters. It was cool. Our church sign still says, Jesus is coming soon, ready or not. I love it when they leave those kinds of messages up a few weeks.

My neighbor gave me one of her hens and chicks plants, some iced zucchini bread (she knows I love zucchini bread) and she gave me a rock that holds keys. I prefer keeping it on my computer table rather than outside with a key in it, so it sits with my favorite little piece of driftwood, my shell box, bibles and whatever else I use at the computer. I put a photo of it  in the collage on the 18th.

May 18, uh… that is today:


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