the Father’s sign

ANAGRAM: “What if I told you that 100% of  the courthouse dome would be gone tomorrow by hot fire, many vital record books gone forever? Vickie sees the Father’s sign in time…in a sense it’s still shocking. We’ve given the long ago fire history stats.”

It’s weird sometimes… the things that capture my attention. On Saturday, when I was doing a little research at the library, someone else was in the balcony doing searches in the newspaper microfilms about fires in Madison.  Normally someone else’s business is just that, but for some reason I overheard that part of his conversation with someone, and I remember it struck me kind of odd for some reason. He was probably there a couple of hours anyway, since I was doing my searches that day a good three or four hours.

Here it is  a few days later and it has come to my attention, via the news, that 150 years before the Jefferson County Courthouse caught fire. A bad anniversary of sorts, since the courthouse was on fire all Wednesday evening (see previous post: an historic fire).

The anagram you see today comes from a little of the text from comics on Tuesday and Wednesday. The fire at the courthouse was Wednesday evening. In hindsight, I can see how fortuitous it was that I photographed a lot of the information I needed at the courthouse, so I can continue research based on the information I already have.ANAGRAM5-19AND20-09

Today’s collage (first one below) has some subtle references, as usual, on a different level of course, the one where my imaginary sentients and I converse in comic bubbles. (She rolls her eyes). Thus Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday’s collages (reading top to bottom) are here. You make the connection.



In case anyone wonders…The hens and chickens in boots…that’s an idea from a neighbor. I just used a set of boots in the comics and filled them. It’s funny that my neighbor has a pair of old boots outside planted with hens and chicks, and I think she said her daughter found her a masonry boot to match, so it too is planted with hens and chicks. It always makes me smile.

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