ding dong the bell is down


BELL-ON-PALLETThis morning, while at the county commissioner’s meeting, a call came in that the bell was on the ground. The Madison, Indiana Jefferson County courthouse bell, the one from the burned out clock/bell tower, that is, is safe.  Beautiful piece of work, emblazoned with the date 1864, Cincinnati, in addition to the handiwork. I hope to have better photos at a later date.  The Jefferson County Madison Indiana Courthouse bell photos by Darlene Yarnetsky this morning.

Madison Indiana Courthouse bell

1864 Huh? Wow!

1864 courthousebellBuckeye Bell Foundry / G. W. Coffin & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 1848-1866

The Buckeye Bell Foundry was established by George Washington Coffin in 1837.

And because I can….here is today’s comics collage:


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One Response to ding dong the bell is down

  1. leave it down for everyone to see. i never even knew it was there.

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