another week goes by

Did anyone happen to notice that there was a story that incoming space rocks would now be classified? I saw that (on June 10th) and couldn’t help but make a connection a couple of days later as I am reading about a boy being hit in the hand by a meteorite. There is a strange sense of humor out there in space.

 I noticed the first story and put a mention of it in my comics collage that day. You will note I have a bunch of them today, since the last time I posted was the 7th. It has been bicentennial week in Madison all week, the 200 hour party. I have not attended the happenings but did get to the library once. Maybe you can tell what kind of research I have been doing this past week, just by reading the comics collages. Maybe not. I looked at a little about the button factory, the cemetery, the tavern that was next door, and it also was a service station at one point, too; I skipped around I tried to find a little more on the pork industry and hoped to find something about the train hauling product from the east end of town, but found nothing yet. I know where the track used to be. Tying things together will take a while.

The digital TV button was pushed this week, so around here there is no more TV. I have a converter box and an antenna, but I also have trees and live in the hole between the hill and the river. No more TV signals. It’s funny, the last night of TV, after the other stations had already gone digital, CBS stayed on until midnight, long enough for me to see an interesting show. I saw part of a show called the Ghost  Whisperer; I had not seen it before. Normally that channel didn’t even come in, but there was a two-hour window. Through it I made a ghostly connection. Earlier in the day I went to the Salvation Army (sometimes I feel compelled to for some reason) and shopped for about three minutes. I had 5 bucks on me, was all, but enough to pick up an old never-before-used-game called The Little Ghost Game, by Tee Pee Toys. The connection comes in by watching the ghost show which had to do with a little boy ghost named Owen, who was “playing a game”. I happened to be online at the time looking at names of some coopers  in the 1890-91 City of Madison (Indiana) Directory, and saw there had been a family with the last name Owen in the neighborhood, not far from here. There’s always a connection someplace.

I have a few books for a change of pace: The Tragic Saga of the Indiana Indians, about (duh) Native Americans in Indiana, another book titled All We Had Was Each Other, which is about the black community of Madison, Indiana, and The ESP Enigma, the scientific case for pyschic phenomena. Yeah, I know…

For the moment I have exhausted the present search about the railroad on the riverfront for now, so am putting that on the back burner a while, and need a little break from all the ghosts trying to talk at once around the neighborhood. I took a google fly-by down Vaughn Drive, so I could get a photo of part of the old waterworks, and made the realization how far the old railroad tracks used to go on Vaughn (for my history blog), but have no real photos or illustrations yet. I’ll keep working on it. Meanwhile, I have done a few more posts on the history blog and updated a couple of others with a few loose ends. Always something.

Sorry about doing so many comics collages in one post, and not doing any anagrams lately, but I can only handle so much information in my brain at once. Anagrams are very telling, and they take a lot of energy, and sometimes, I just don’t need to know the future…I just need to go with the flow.

Speaking of that, I hope you enjoy the flow within the collages which run in order from top (6th-7th) to bottom (13th).










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