ANAGRAM: “He knew all of our everyday thoughts. They see Vickie’s Cosmic Bubble effort was truly surreal but the hypothesis ‘Madison tells a lie’ made us want to lend a hand. We saw a little white men camp, say a mile east of Ferry.” The text for this anagram (and the other as well) is in the outlined area of the comics collage of the 14th (bottom one).

At a distance about two miles east of Madison is a place called Eagle Hollow, which until today, I did not realize was part of the Underground Railroad. I’m not from around these parts, so certain information is new to me. It is not necessarily part of the research I am doing for the area just east of Ferry Street in Madison, Indiana, but it is just something I ran across BECAUSE of the anagram. No surprise… I get information on research through my anagrams all the time. It may be difficult to explain but it is just something I am used to now. 

An excerpt read today:

“Although he arrived in Madison in the fall of 1839, Chapman Harris moved into Eagle Hollow, about one mile east of Madison, in 1840. His home, located on a high rise facing the river, was reputed to be a place of frequent crossings.”

I was actually looking for information on Lonesome Hollow, which is a little closer than Eagle Hollow, about 1 mile east, but it is nice to learn something new every day. I have been in and around an old stone farmhouse (with the owner’s permission of course) in Lonesome Hollow and would like more information on it. Maybe the owner can tell me more.

Meanwhile…Enjoy the collages. They make a few connections to that which I have been working on.


rope-to-dblBeing in the mood, I decided to change the header today from the Mt. Redoubt photo that looked like a crystal skulled skeleton lying in the snow to the one with a rope alien. I took this photo, of a rope going from an upright on the riverbank to the Delta Queen, when she was last in town, turned the photo sideways and mirrored it, then found the little alien girl in the photo.

Waddya’ think? Do you see her? Somehow I am guided to do such things…


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