a solstice connection

Figures. The comics told it. Anyone could make the connection on the first day of summer, the solstice. Stonehenge. Brushfields. Brushfields? Yeah. No Kevin Bacon, it doesn’t take me six degrees, just gimme a sliver of molecular space and time and I’ll make the connection.

Brushfields are the family I have been researching for a while, as the Benjamin Brushfield family used to live on the land on which I now live, on which the neighborhood was created. I am doing an historic blog (http://ferrytofulton.wordpress.com) about the neighborhood, having started with the Brushfields. My information comes in waves, and it comes through the comics and whatever else signals me to look at a certain time. Timing is everything.

A few months back there was not much information, now there seems to be a steady flow. Hmmm. Some sites that I have been to in the past had nothing, and now, well, a few tidbits have shown up here and there. Timing, no doubt.

First, I am behind again in comics collages, so there are more than a few in this post. No anagrams right now either. I have enough to focus on, and whatever is “in” the anagrams, well, if you have been looking at this blog long enough, you know there are some strange connections in my art-imitates-life comics selections, and I don’t HAVE to do anything at any particular time. Everything that was, is and will be is already there, just waiting, no matter what day it is. But, today…I put the comics collages up and a connection or two.

You know that six degrees of separation stuff doesn’t work with me…I have a much different “temperature”. 😉  Everything is just the next click around here. Today is solstice so naturally there would be a connection, right? Well, not everyone would “get it” the way I do. I connected solstice and those rocks we all think about, like Stonehenge, through the Brushfields. I have not done their complete genealogy, but between the names, the neighborhood, here and in Ashford-in-the-Water, Derbyshire…they’ve all got to be connected.

One of today’s comics, in part:


So, I made a few coincidental connections with Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire, Brushfield, “low stones”, “100”…and others we’ll let go for now. If you can make the connection fine, otherwise, I am beyond explanations at a certain point.

At one point this week, in my research, I found that the library had a page on which I found something called “My Delicious Bookmarks”, and have since marked it in rss. A little unusual for a library to use such terminology maybe, but since the comics also used the term, “delicious”, I figured I would check out one of the links. In so doing I came across one of the Brushfield names I needed, and now have a marriage date and a christening date, giving me more information to share with a local church that the gentleman helped found in Madison, Indiana. This is a strange process I use to find bits of information, but it works for me. I had not previously seen that information when I first started looking, so it has only been recently added. I got my heads up and followed it.

When I looked up Ashford, I found it said:  “HIGH PEAK HUNDRED.”

ASHFORD, a township, chapelry and picturesque village, situated in a valley on the east bank of the river Wye, which is here crossed by three stone bridges, and which separates it from Bakewell; from whence 8 distant l¾ miles N.W. It is surrounded by lofty hills, which are noted for their superior quarries of marble. The houses are built of stone, and roofed with slate. …The township of BRUSHFIELD is annexed to the above chapelry.”

In the 6-18-09 toons, the number 100 had been repeated a couple of times in one comic, so I used that, or one of the 100’s to find the Ashford info.

Since the art-imitates-life world in which I live mentions ancestry, you should know my cousin has done part of the family’s genealogy back to the 1700’s, and I looked at those names online yesterday after wanting to check an uncle’s name to see if there was a connection to some other names I have run across in Madison. I realize a lot of this may not make sense to people just looking at this blog for the first time. I need a scorecard myself sometimes. I just make the connections and take the information given via comics and anagrams to relate to my own life, tell the future now and then, and document that which occurs or has already occurred.

We received (at the house) a “threatened” lawsuit this past week. I tried not to give too much away but did use a partial comic for that to be included in the collages. Which came first? Well, the comic was in place when the mail arrived, so you tell me. I know, I jump around on this thing, but I work in stream of consciousness thinking and that is how the comics collages come into being as well.

Oh the solstice thing. You don’t need me to tell you about Stonehenge. The name Brushfield took me to the Journal of the British Archaeological Association By British Archaeological Association today to ARBOR LOW, BY T. N. BRUSHFIELD, M.D., F.S.A. (Read at the Ba.xl.on Congreti, July 20th, 1899.) In this article I read:

“It is noted by that author ” as being by far the most magnificent and capital Druidical remain of any we have in Derbyshire, not to say in all this part of England.” By the majority of writers up to a recent date, it has usually been called a Druidical circle or Druidical temple; and the former term appears in the Ordnance maps, except in that last issued, where it is simply designated a ” Stone Circle.”

After reading that I came to read part of the Reliquary, because it was my next click which filled in many of the blanks for me on the Brushfields. Amazing how the comics help me pull things together. I know I have looked for this information before, but suddenly it all came together, names , dates and relationships. Now I just have to put it together on the history blog.

The comics collages are oldest at the top (June 26th) to today’s (June 21st) at the bottom.











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