in the anagram

“Not only does ” Angel” Farrah Fawcett die Thursday, for what its worth, it appears Michael Jackson is being “surrendered”, too. God wanted both of them home. Trust me, if I hear by  Divine music they end in OZ mountain and they see a third eye hidden in my plan.”

It was in the anagram, and that was the only anagram I did this week for some reason. The text  was randomly chosen from the comics done on Wednesday. On Thursday morning Farrah Fawcett died; Thursday afternoon Michael Jackson died; kind of a back to back news day.

Some of what I am working on for my history post has kept me busy this week, and I make the connections via comics that come up. There is a definite art imitates life thing going on. The comics collages in this post run from Monday’s comics collage (at the top) to Saturday’s collage (at the bottom of the post). I may go back and figure out some more anagrams from one or two of the posts, or a few bubbles from each…just because…








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