…and now Billy

Anagram: “You know you’re onto something, don’t you? A live highway communication vibe. Billy Mays was struck on the head when the plane he was on yesterday landed rough. OK, if that’s the story, type that info, too. He is dead now; he died Sunday.”

In the last post you’ll find the full collage, which is using today’s comics text bubbles for the anagram. The collage lent itself to both posts, the last one more about Michael Jackson. One might wonder why I would continue to do these anagrams from comics, with real people’s names, but it is just the way I read these things, right or wrong, it is more about documenting the phenomenon that I discovered, no matter what it reads. In this case, the anagram reads what I heard on the news. This may not be a recognizable science but I recognize a certain pattern in all this. There is something out there.6-28-09ANAGRAM

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