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Anagram: “The TV generation is beginning to say goodbye to singer Michael Jackson. His historic memorial service is televised today. Why? They got special coverage throughout and you expect Word to be there. Yes, honey…when in the nexus, genius strengthens www sentients.” Uh huh. That’s what today’s anagram says. Fact or fiction, you decide. I have had more than one Michael Jackson anagram in the past week, beginning with the one before the day he died, so hopefully he is at rest now and I can move on to other things. I wish Peace for him and his family.

I have not had much time to work on anagrams lately but since I did two two small collages over the past couple of days I decided to use text bubbles from both collages, thus you will see the red outlined text in the collages is what I used for today’s anagram.



This may seem random, but it is life. Yesterday, a headline read, “The Sun Has Spots, Finally.” What, were you worried? Everybody needs a little time off, to conserve a little energy now and then. So the sun has spots again, that’s good, I guess, but I’ve got spots and that’s bad because the spots I am talking about are from mold and mildew in the basement, and I am none too happy about it.

So far over two hundred bucks has been spent on plastic storage tubs…and a good thing they were on sale, too. The basement mold clean-up is going slow, but not much I can do about it speeding things up. Today I came across some twin sheet sets that were almost new when they went into boxes; now they are spotted and even after washing still spotted. Nothing like putting things away clean and then having to go through all this. Grrr. As I said, none too happy.

There are little moments, through all this weeding out, when I come across things I have not seen in a while and then make the little connections I usually make. I have a few things that once belonged to my grand-aunt; my mom was an only child, so she was my closest aunt. I found an old hand-made card in an envelope, and noticed on the back of the card was the word “flowers”, which I thought may have been a reminder for the person who bought the card to give to her. My aunt knew a lot of people in her day, and for some reason many people called her Mother. As far as I know, she never had children of her own, so it was an affectionate name more than anything. I figured I could throw the card out now, but it was good to have that moment in the middle of all this misery of going through boxes once packed so neat and clean and now finding contents ruined by mildew. I trudge on.

It may be a good thing I started this little impromptu project this week, because I have come across many boxes that had photos in them, and because I am going through and emptying out the boxes and placing contents into plastic tubs, I have probably saved a lot of photos from being ruined. I have had that happen before, and it is such a heartache knowing I cannot replace photos. I can probably weed some out, but many need to be organized into family photos, landscape or travel photos, etc., something I should have done before. I can appreciate that, though the boxes were mildewed and falling apart, the contents of the photos boxes remained safe. I can only say thanks to the Big Guy, because He knows how important the photos are to me.

When those you love aren’t around it’s nice to have the photos. I think, without the photos, I would forget a lot of what has happened in my life. It’s funny because I used to HAVE a photographic memory myself, until “the event” that changed my life changed my life. The photos can put me back at that moment, if only for the time it takes to move on to the next one. Life is fleeting, so I want to be able to remember as much as possible to carry me through. Again, I thank the Big Guy for keeping my photos safe. Now my memories are safe, too.

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