October catch-up

 I have been trying to keep up with mold or mice eating whatever I moved here from Cincinnati a few years ago. Basically everything has had to be put into plastic tubs, though metal would almost be better I think, but for the moisture. The basement here has been my nightmare of nightmares, with mold or mice or pillbugs eating everything I put there. Nothing like trying to keep nice things nice. Now everything I have matches the dilapidated house I live in which looks like something on a haunted house circuit. I used to have nice things, and I liked having nice things , too, but apparently the Lord has something else in mind for me.

There’s always been that nagging question in the back of my mind…would you rather lose (fill-in-the-blank) a little at a time or all at once? My fill-in-the-blank could be my marbles, my memories, my belongings, my friends, my sexuality, my sense of humor…you-name-it…little by little I have watched things change at a pace at which I can hardly keep up. Those mice are fast gnawers, too. I can only imagine what they are doing to the inside of the walls and ceiling, since I hear them scurrying constantly.  There still is no plaster or drywall covering the exposed lath in the bedroom, so I can hear them all night long.

I kept much of the stuff I moved here in boxes mainly because I had nowhere to put it. I thought I would have another room built by now, but it never happened, and I am tired of asking when or if or anything else, so what I have I have had to keep in boxes, which have been ruined over the past couple of years whilst I was busy fighting vertigo. Because of it I was unable to go in the basement for more than a few minutes at a time. When I finally discovered the mold issue all available extra funds went toward containers. So what was not in containers has continued to be ruined. I suppose I should just be thankful there has been some money for plastic tubs and enough stamina to put what was in boxes into tubs. At some point I will be able to spend more time in the basement going through what I have, to determine what I can keep or need to or want to. At times I feel like I am in one of those life after people shows…watching things being consumed by the world and those others who inhabit it.

I did get the treadmill that I had been watching the price on it at Salvation Army (for the past couple of months). At the 50% off price (they originally had it marked at $150) I figured I should grab it. Thankfully, there was $75 from the food budget that could be used for it. A lot of ground meat this month, cheaper but not healthier. I hope to be able to walk  10 minutes at some point without holding on. Vertigo never really goes away, but I am hoping to be able to walk (unaided) in a straight line again someday. What a goal, huh? October has always been my favorite month of the year for walking for hours in the woods. It will be awhile before I can do that again. I miss so much of what life used to be.

Cloudy, gray day…revival starts tonight, and so does the rain for a couple of days. Walking at night in the rain is almost impossible, but hopefully I can get there from here. For some reason they (the members) seem to like my presence there as often as I can show up.

Once again, remiss in posting comic collages, I am playing catch up this month. Some are better than others, and it probably shows. Sorry, sometimes life  just doesn’t give me enough daylight or stamina.

 These are the month’s catch ups from the 4th to today’s collage:

 4    5    6    7     8     9    10    11   12    13    14    15    16    17    18    19    20    21   



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