Four mice down, who knows how many to go. I heard the trap snap at noon, then the pitter patter of others scurrying around the trap and under the stove. Someone else can check the trap later. The whole thing turns my stomach at this point.

The only plan I have for that cabinet in the future is recycling tubs, so after a week of killing mice I may consider how to do that. I don’t even want to think about having mice run around on something I would use for cooking or eating. I am bleached out at this point. I have been told I am not the only one with mice troubles this year. Apparently things go in cycles here in Madison…fleas one year, mice the next. Maybe I am the only one with the kind of response I have, though. I am really tired of it. What a pit.

At some point I need to move an old china cabinet out of the spot I have it in to clean whatever may be under it. I sstill smell mouse leavens. I have been using the china cabinet for food storage rather than the built-in cabinets along mice alley. I guess I should’ve put the cabinet on wheels prior to wedging it into place. Oh well, so much for that now.

Another month come and gone. The summer is gone, not much has been accomplished here. It’s been three years since I have been in my van and it too, is totally trashed inside now. It was in mint condition when I moved here. My screensaver says “van cleaning time”. I really can’t stand it. God, I miss my old life.

Here are the last three comics collages…enjoy them.



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