mousedom monday

There is no peace in the house of mouse. Not last week and this week isn’t starting off any better either. I think it would make a difference if there were real walls or ceilings or floors in the bedroom, something other than lath. I know it has been this way at least 8 years.

lathing in bedroom

No sense in rushing these things, you know. Of course, if there WERE real walls, even drywall, not necessarily plaster, maybe then I could narrow down where mice come in. It’s like a freeway in here.  

While having my coffee at the computer I had a mouse walk across the blanket on my lap, a blanket left earlier at the computer draped over the chair and onto the floor. I just left it there, so of course a mouse climbed right up into my lap from wherever he came in. Most probably he used the wall/floor behind the bookcase or the corner unit which houses the TV, computer, etc. Without anything on the walls they climb the lath from the basement (unless they are in the ceiling) and go wherever they want. There’s a big hole in the corner and the flooring along the walls leaves plenty of room for mice anyway.  

When the mouse got my attention I wrapped the invader up in the blanket and took it outside to shake it out. I showed it to my dog who promptly put it in his mouth, but dropped it as soon as I yelled at him. I guess it fell over the edge of the stairway after that. I got a good look at him so I would know him the next time. I took the blanket to the basement to wash it this morning, since I already had another waiting for a full load (I did three loads of laundry today since it was nice out).  

Then I went to wash the dishes, getting most of the way through before I heard the pitter-patter of little feet on the freshly placed aluminum foil under the cooktop. I just cleaned it yesterday and put foil down but did not screw the top down; it makes it easier to change the foil. Once I heard it I stood there and listened to the critter a few minutes, watching as he peeked his head up a couple of time to see if I was going to move, and then he went back to wherever he came from. I now know the glass jar I have on the pipe on the back burner blocks nothing. At first I thought that was where they came in, but it is not. This mouse was different than the one I threw out a few minutes earlier in the bedroom.

After the last mouse was killed in the empty base cabinet , other mice soon found it (right after that trap snapped) so I guess the warning went out not to use that cabinet anymore. That’s OK, I am not using it anymore either. Until they have all been stopped from coming in, there is no reason to waste my time putting things in the cabinet just to wash off mice doo constantly. There are traps in the attic and in that base cabinet I cleared out, but now that they are getting into another cabinet and the stove I’d rather live with stuff stacked up in the kitchen.

The thought has crossed my mind that maybe I should just get rid of everything and reduce life to three pots and pans and two sets of dishes and silverware. Maybe that’s what this is all about, some universal lesson about having too much stuff. I mean, others use paper plates for guests, why should I be different? I AM different, that’s why! Hard to believe I used to host all the holiday meals for the family. If they could see me now (roll eyes).  

I am to the point where I just can’t take much more of these mice. They are no longer just nocturnal, they are bold enough to go right across me, day or night. I don’t want to cook or use anything I already cleaned to cook with that they may have once again run across. The whole thing is disgusting.

This place is a disaster area at this point due to bringing stuff from the basement to re-organize and put into plastic tubs to put back in the basement to keep out mold and mice. It’s a tiny house, so of course there is no place to put things anymore. I expected to have another room built here by this time, someplace to USe the things I have in storage, rather than having it all ruined.

It is so frustrating. I am not used to living like this. I never seem to get ahead here no matter what I do. Being able to have a clean house again almost seems like a luxury I will never be able to afford. Dear God, how did this happen and when can I have my real life back?

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