mice are gone, and so is the cat

Another frozen form planted in the backyard. Albeit a short one, she led a good four years, doing what she wanted whenever she pleased, save for the time her humans kept her in the house when she wanted to go out. The cat was hit and killed by a car today. The road got another one; it’s the usual fate for animals not kept on a leash. She was here before I moved here so keeping her in the house was never easy. I believe cats should be kept as indoor pets for this very reason. If not out they don’t know what they are missing.

The dog will miss her; they played a lot. It’s hard to know if he understood the lifeless form on the grass and her being put into the hole and covered with dirt. It’s done, now. The cat’s name was Scuttlebutt, we called her Scuttle. I didn’t think her death would affect me, but I have felt waves of grief over her today…many tears shed.

A friend came by to take the remaining food and litter to a cat sanctuary, sparing me the temptation to get a replacement cat. I can’t do that anymore.

What do I need a cat for anyhow?The mice have all been killed by traps or by their falling into the dishwater.  Well…I did capture one live little mouse and let it go. Now I just need to let go and know that like dogs, all cats go to Heaven.


Today’s comics collage is a small one:

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