anagramming again…for a reason

I haven’t done anagrams since July 10th…there is a reason for that, but it isn’t something I can easily explain. Like most everything else, it figures into my anagrams and coincidences. Though I have not done any anagrams since July 10th, I have done a few in the past few days.

I did an anagram from the larger collage I posted on the 22nd. The anagram was interpreted to refer to a friend named Beth Crabb, and her husband, John, who died  Wednesday evening. He had been in OUICU until he was moved a few days or so prior to his death. I asked her about him having a tooth out. She told me there was one out on his left side; it had been damaged when he went through chemo treatments. The tooth connection was my clarifier for this anagram. The comics were from those found the morning of the 22nd, the larger part of the collage is in the post, comics collective consciousness. John Crabb died on Wednesday,  the 25th, about 11:45 PM. John was born on July 10th.

More on this in another post.

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