from the 25th/26th

Those who read my blog often find unusual anagrams that connect to something that occurs in real life. Sometimes the telling reveals names or other specific information, all coming from anagramming randomly chosen comic strips text bubbles. The comics shown in the collage below are from those gleaned over the internet on the morning of the 25th.

On the 25th of November, 2009, a beloved friend died. John Crabb, born July 10, 1953, died in the loving arms of his wife of sixteen years. Today would have been their anniversary. Theirs was a love story I hope she will pass on to others some day. The world is a better place because of their being a couple and sharing of themselves. The text which is outlined in red is that which was used for the anagram. The previous post is also connected to this one, with another anagram, the first done since July 10th of this year. This is how the coincidences of the last few days relate to my anagram.

John Crabb once told me he was a mason, so I was glad to hear he died within the walls a masonic facility rather than in a university hospital. Somehow it makes a difference. His wife of 16 years told me today would have been their 16th anniversary. People I had dinner with on Thanksgiving told me today was their 16th anniversary as well. Must have been a good day 16 years ago. Love has many coincidences.

The anagram, done from comics on the morning of the 25th, tells that John, often called by his last name only, would be gone on the 25th. According to his wife, he died at 11:45 PM. She called on the 26th to let us know.

The comics and anagrams do not necessarily go together in this blog, because conversations of sorts come together as part of the collages themselves. The anagrams are only randomly chosen text from within the collages, generally for separate context. Sometimes you can tell I am following a c ertain theme or nexus, either my own or one suggested by the comics themselves. Make of it what you will, the connections are there.

This short collage is from comics of the 26th:


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