a clean cardigan

Could you wear a killer’s cardigan?” It was no coincidence I would make some kind of connection with that chapter of the book, but I can’t say it is fate or chance. I can say, I am aware of certain things in life that “connect” in ways that allow me to draw an art imitates life kind of line and, after a certain number of these one begins to figure odds. I gave up on meaningful coincidences as some unusual event in my life. At this point, I presume the cardigan I purchased for $.80 (including tax!) at Salvation Army yesterday did not belong to a killer, but instead to someone who took good care of their clothing and then donated it. Or maybe a family member donated it after a loved one passed on.

The sweater is an older classic cardigan, once sold by the Gillman Knitwear, Co., under the Brian MacNeil Sportswear label. I found one similar to the one I purchased, with a starting bid of $17 or so, on eBay. Not that I am in the market for this particular cardigan manufacturer, or even the style. It just so happened to be a quick in and out purchase. I rarely do that-go in and make a quick purchase without looking over other things-but when I do, I usually make some kind of connection from it.

So I will make the cardigan-book-synchronicity connection.

I run my usual comics collages from day to day, but had not yet done any for the week, and was thinking of combining a couple of them and leaving it at that. I was “aware” yesterday, when I plucked the comic balloons from various comic strips, that I had chosen two that said, “What next?” I don’t often use two of the same word text bubbles, so it was kind of a heads up to me, in my own unusual way of noticing things. I made a mental note. I did the comics copy/paste thing in the early morning (though I have not posted them at this point), then went to the library(checking out my books at 11:43 am) the Salvation Army (buying only the cardigan) and the local downtown grocery store. I completed my errands and got back home a little after one, when a friend from the library pulled up and assisted me with some of the groceries.

The rest of the afternoon I went about my usual day, and last night began to read “Supersense”. I have not been to the library in a while, but it did not take more than a couple of minutes to select the three books I chose: Our Lady of Guadalupe-Mother of the Civilization of Love, Origins of the Specious-Myths and Misconceptions of the English Language, and Supersense-Why We Believe in the Unbelievable. The author of the book I chose to start with asserts that we are “born with” a “super sense” and that we go through life seeking deeper, hidden causes or meanings. Basically, using the author’s own words on page 246, even though I only got to the second chapter, “Throughout this book I have been arguing that beliefs in the supernatural are a consequence of reasoning processes about natural properties and events in our world. This includes a mind design for detecting patterns and inferring structures where there may be none”.

Fine. My mind’s design notices there is a strange pattern in my life, and a certain expectation to connect things, whether there is something there or not. I let others decide how causal or a causal this might be. For example, since this post is about a library book and the connection I made, I will use similar examples, because I especially like when I pick up a new book and let it talk to me through some connection or synchronicity.

In my posts I usually try to show how I make the connections, like in the post, complexities of coincidence , where I connected something I read in a library book the night before (page 33 of The Quark and the Jaguar) with a comic strip seen that same day. I thought it was a hilarious connection.Sometimes I anagram a connection, like in the post, predictably. I used text from various comic strip bubbles in my collage, then anagrammed a quote in the book, Predictably Irrational and then went on the make the connections to another book brought home that week, Physics of the Impossible.

A few of those for your perusal…see if you can keep up.

The secret anagram language was fun, using Pearls Before Swine comics to prove a point. In the posts, string-talk, and sirappy-sweet, I make more connections to the same book, Physics of the Impossible. Maybe it was because of that title??? The post, looking glass, follows up. That same week I used comics to make the connection to other books I had at the time as well…still levitating.

Maybe the universe was trying to get something across…or maybe I am attributing too much to the connections some might call supernatural. I call it fun, often funny, even though it can get complex.

It will be interesting to see where this week’s selection of books takes me. It seems fitting that I should choose a book that makes me ponder the origin of a previously owned cardigan on the very day I choose to purchase a previously owned one. If I knew the cardigan (or some other item) I was purchasing had belonged to someone whose lifestyle or deeds repulsed me, I probably would prefer not to purchase it.

Conversely, I am not swayed to purchase items of interest merely because of someone’s fame or fortune, either…no value is added. I don’t think happenstance brought me to the Salvation Army to buy an article associated with “evil” per se, and even if some outside force operated on me to make such a connection, I would find a way to turn it around and use it for good. Some might say this is borderline “magical thinking” in the clinical sense, rather than playful supposition. Let’s not label this too much. In some sense I think I was “led” to make just the right purchase through some interesting timing ir coincidence…of which I have many. Just my supersense I suppose.  😉

So, skipping over the collages of a few days, I will give you the one from comics of the 15th, and post those, and today’s comics in other posts. I think you will like the anagram made from the red outlined texts, which refers to the library printout:

“They’d apparently give that exact time to show that woman’s find, that book titled “Supersense”.Witness “Supermind” in text, too!” 

You know, I just wanted a clean cardigan, and I don’t mind buying a pre-worn article from the Salvation Army. I also think I know a good connection when I see one. 

They happen all the time. What makes them “meaningful” is that I notice, nothing more. It’s all part of the game I play with and in this particular universe.

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