just rattling on…

Today’s horoscope seemed appropriate: “This task only seems overwhelming. Break it into parts. You can do it”. Well, I already did it.  I originally started this blog with the name of the blog (Cosmicbubbles) different from my screen name (paperbubbles), which makes for some confusion now and then. So, I decided to start another blog earlier today but haven’t figured out how to use it yet, other than I posted one comics collage that can stand on its own, meaning it isn’t necessarily tied to something in daily life as a synchronistic connection. It was not a repeat for anything I posted here today. I changed the name of this one to Paperbubbles and the newer one will become cosmicbubbles, using that screen name as well. It confuses me, too, and I am not even sure I can keep things separate. Sometimes thinking just makes things worse.  We’ll see how things go. Meanwhile, here is today’s comics collage for this blog. There is an anagram worked into the collage as part of the “conversation”.  Just another experiment in blogging.

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