pokemon’s privy

Baby it’s cold outside, but I took a walk to the river anyway. I’m sure the dog was miffed because he didn’t get to go, but this was something for me. I didn’t go far, but far enough to clear my head a little. The greys and browns of winter have taken over the landscape but there is still much to see. There were waterfowl congregating near a pile of driftwood between the city campground and the bridge; more ducks than geese in the area shown in the photo.

I noticed the icicles clinging to the grasses  in the river and along the shore. The water just looks cold, doesn’t it?

In the photo there was what appeared to be a wagon wheel and a large rope. I tried not to photograph much trash, though sometimes that is all I take pictures of on my walks. Today I was there to admire a little of nature, and even though the wind stung my face I managed to soak in a little vitamin sunshine. I couldn’t help but notice how tightly the fallen tree leaves were curled on the ground and how some leaves still clung to the dried foilage on the banks.

I walked only about another quarter mile and found lovely driftwood and fungi on the limbs of trees. I don’t wish to bore anyone with all of the photos and my ramblings, but even on this first bitter-cold day of the new year, there are many things to appreciate. Mother Nature blessed me with lots to look at and the occasional driftwood sculpture to admire.

Pictured in the water was something the river turned into a sculpture. If I was a bit more sprightly I might even try to bring that one home! I have been known to lug home all kinds of river finds, mostly wood, though. The force of water bent this piece of steel. Awesome when you think about it, isn’t it? Water is the most powerful force on earth.

When I was all done traipsing through the mud I came up from the river to go home through a field. On the way I spied this privvy, which appears to have had the shelter part of it blown-over, thereby exposing the ingenuity of the outside facility, complete with pokemon sheet and a seatless plastic chair. I can’t imagine using that this time of year, but the thought did occur to me that others do use the great outdoors year-round to relieve themselves; some without as much convenience and privacy as what might be depicted here.

I heard that one of my neighbors spied an old neighbor/friend half-frozen along the river banks last month, curled in a fetal position, his lips blue. My neighbor gave the man shelter in a small building on his property. Although it has no running water, there is a bucket or hose available and access to water, a wood stove and wood he could cut for filling it,  electricity for light, TV and kitchen use.  There is a bed and coverings, a carpet on the floor, a chair and sofa on which to sit, and a lovely river view, all free of charge.  This is the second time my neighbor has rescued the man.

Though I helped feed the man last time he was in the neighborhood I have yet to see him since he has taken up residence again nearby. I’m sure I should do better than I have, but generally I have to have enough to pass along in the form of some microwaveable meals. He eats at the Salvation Army every day, so I know he is fed. Still I should do better.

Pokenmon’s privvy is a gentle reminder that many are starting off a new year not much different than the last. So many resolutions, so frivolous at times, but mine is to get myself in better health in the areas where possible,and that means taking more walks so I can do more to appreciate the values in the black and white and greys and browns (and even a little green) that surround me, even in the cold of winter.


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