a wail to walk

Ka-Thunk! Somewhere in the darkness outside lay an animal, having just been hit by a passing car. It was probably around 5:15 this morning when the dog and I heard it; the dog growled and I got out of bed.

After a few minutes, having heard one vehicle swerve and two more slow down, I called the local non-emergency line to let someone know a deer was down and swerving vehicles could be a safety issue. Within a few minutes I heard the dogs across the street whining, as though they heard a siren. There was nothing I could hear otherwise, but I did go stand outside long enough to see an unmarked truck come  to an abrupt stop right in front of the deer that lay in the road.

The truck stopped just short of  hitting the animal, and then slowly pulled over the line to block the oncoming traffic, and the deer, now known to still be alive, had time to right itself and leave the roadway. It had already been a good ten minutes since I first heard the hit. I could not see where the deer went or how injured it was. A moment later, after the truck was gone, I saw a police car go by. The officer probably thought I was nuts to call about a deer in the road, since it was no longer there.

Somehow I think my call got through to someone a little higher up, though, someone who helped bring the deer to and allowed it to get off the road. I was intrigued by the wailing of the two dogs across the street. I have often heard them wail just prior to hearing an emergency vehicle come by, or within my range of hearing or seeing. I have never heard those dogs wail without a siren.

Stranger things have happened, no doubt.

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