a heart’s message

“Let’s say a real life coincidence happens. I already know Marilyn Stainbrook dies today, March twenty-seventh, two-thousand ten; you’re dealt a required hand. Madison Pilgrim Holiness felt she was already safe with God. We left the extra clue in the church lot. It meant another Lifetime was up. Way remains a secret. See…we do make sense.”  That anagram is from the twenty-seventh of March, but since I did no post that day, it is posted here, and serves as background.


Out of the corner of my eye I spied a shiny object in the sky through the open doorway. No, it wasn’t an alien space ship or weather balloon or plane coming down…it was a balloon in the shape of a heart. The time was 12 noon. Most of the people I know in Madison (through the Madison Pilgrim Holiness Church) were in Scottsburg, attending the funeral for a well-respected beloved member of the church, also the main pianist for the church. She was also a wife and mother of young adult children, none of whom could see this day coming. Neither could her friends and other family members. She died unexpectedly, having gone in for a simple sinus surgery.

I cannot tell you from whence the balloon came, nor can I say what events led to it being separated from whomever once held it, but I can tell you it came to my yard at noon, or at least when I looked at the computer clock it was noon. Let me premise this little story with where I was yesterday at noon.

I was making a deposit and being aware of the time. Every now and then “time” makes itself seem important, so I noticed I was there a few minutes before noon and my deposit was stamped at 12:03 pm. I am not complaining about how long I stood in line, only that I was in line at that time and making note of it. Call it a heads up of sorts.

I have not been to that particular bank in a couple of years, and not been in Cincy for longer than that, but am happy there is a branch in Carrollton, Ky. I deposited a meager amount, but the deposit was not only the first time in years I have had any money TO deposit, I have not driven anyplace but downtown Madison for over 3 years. Yeah, believe it or not,  this was the first time I have ventured out in a while. My illness has kept me in town and the drive just went to prove I can go 15 to 20 miles on a good day, but not much more. The shadows were hard to handle but the discomfort was worth the little excursion. Back to the story.

The bank is having a promotion, so I picked up one of their flyers. It says, “Everyone can save. All you have to do is S.T.A.R.T.” Of course the rewards are tied to a Visa card, something I do not need, but I got a different message…the message of time and in order to do something one must start…someplace…so I guess I started something.

I would have taken a photo of the clock tower across the street when I came out of the bank, but a tree blocked my view, so instead, I opted to take a photo of the bright blue bridge I had crossed, the Carrollton-Prestonville Bridge, which was built November 3, 1900.

The saying, cross that bridge when you come to it, came to mind. Yesterday was one of those don’t worry-be happy kind of days. It was beautiful outside. Today is no different…it is another beautiful day.

I began today making my sister’s spoon cornbread recipe for my neighbor to take to the funeral today. I did not go. I thought about it, but decided I would do best to stay at home today. So around noon I had the opportunity to be near the open doorway when I noticed the heart-shaped balloon descending into the yard. I watched it for a moment, wondering if it was coming all the way down, then decided to grab the camera. Somehow I knew I needed a picture or two.

Wouldn’t you know…the phone rang. I was unable to go back outside but continued to watch the balloon come down into the yard and it then went to my car, which is close to the roadway. The balloon danced a round it a little, standing at the left rear bumper where I have my Jesus bumper sticker, and then it went into the roadway. I tried to get to the window or doorway to get a photo but could not. It danced in the street about 10 seconds then rose up to the roofline of the empty house across the street. I watched it there a moment and thought I saw it head for the woods, but by the time I was outside it was nowhere to be found.

This was not a balloon fully loaded with air, so when not on a thermal it touched down a couple of times. There was really no wind to speak of, so I figured my chances of finding it were good. I looked up into the trees, on the ground, I looked on the rooftops of the two houses, the yards…nothing. The balloon COULD have gone straight up into sky at lightning speed, but one might think a tree limb would have caught it. Nope. It was outta here!

I will ask someone from church about what was going on in Scottsburg at noon at the funeral. Meanwhile, I know this was a sign to pass along to some who had asked for one.

Coincidently, today is/was my mother’s birthday. She would have been 76 today. The woman who died was only 57. She reminded me a lot of my sister, same age.

I know I am really far behind in my posts, and will eventually post more comics collages on the cosmicbubbles.wordpress.com pages when I get the chance. I have only anagrammed a few of the collages, but the ones I did were doozies. I will only include the one I did using the comics of March 27th, the day the church member (whose name is in the anagram) died.  Those who understand will, and those who do not, I do what I can to explain, but in the end, it is not up to me.

Text used for the anagram can be found in the purple-outlined text bubbles.

BTW, the “sign” in the church parking lot was that of a Christmas light set plug. Since it was part of an end-to-end set, I took it as a double meaning. When I discovered the “plug” I showed it to my neighbor, also a church member. I told her God had left it there for me and did not take it into the church (as we were on the way to services) but picked it up on my way home. That very day another neighbor’s grandmother had died, so that was part of the reason it became a double sign (there is more to the story). As it turned out, her funeral was to be the 27th. There was more than one coincidence regarding that, but I will save that for a post more specific to that particular person. Yes, there is more than coincidence at work here.

Trying to catch up but spring beckons.

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