a year ago this week

Do you believe in transmutation, like turning base metals into gold? Oddly enough, alchemy is quite esoteric, inasmuch that specific information appears unknowable.  Jesus Christ unmasked the mystery when He changed water into wine. There’s a true interest in how you could have realized that any text anagrams to the “right order” if associated with the Almighty’s preference. Just listen! Destiny has charted Egyptian’s first sacred text…it’s string theory letting anagrams fit with average thoughts. So remember, earth beings usually need faith. We each have coincidences, but I got stacks of history dated proof!”

When I stumbled upon my post (from a year ago this week) wherein I read that anagram (Yes! That is an anagram in the first paragraph!), I couldn’t help but think how amazing it is that I still see so much in the comics. I apologize that I am behind in posting again, but I will catch up, sooner or later. A lot happens around here.

Since I AM so far behind I am not even trying to come up with anything splendiferous today…but I do have a collage with a couple of interesting synchronicities. I photographed my double yolk egg in the skillet and then found a connection for that in the comics. I also photographed a really old headband lying on a shelf by the window, capturing the colorful reflection on the window as well. With that I made a connection to a frame in one of the comics today (Frazz). Life is all about making those little connections and thus making life more meaningful somehow. So even though I did not anagram any of the text from this collage (yet!) I thought I would share the synchroncities therein.

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