It’s too hot for the pool to be closed

Dear Madison, Indiana. I PAID for a season swim pass at the city pool and though the mayor was nice enough to extend hours due to the heat emergency (to 9PM daily) here it is THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR with a heat index of 109 degrees and there is a POOL PARTY, which means CLOSED to the rest of us!

I checked the websites before I got in my car and there was NO MENTION of THIS date being one that the pool would close at 5:45 pm for a pool party.

When I got there I saw there was a hand made sign at the register that said the pool would be closed at 5:45 for a pool party. I just looked at it and said to the person at the register, “You have got to be kidding?!”

Well gee, so those who might really need the pool to cool off can’t use it, and how many other “parties” will keep me from using the pool?  Seems to me a section of the pool SHOULD be used for those who have paid to be able to use it ESPECIALLY during a heat emergency.


After I came home from my disappointment, I turned on the local channel 15 to see a screen that said the pools hours were noon to 7 PM, hours subject to change. I’ll say. Here’s a link about pool hours, which confuse more than one person around here.

I am not sure I will want a season pass next year if the pool is not accessible on days I most need or want to use it. I’m sure this is part of the reason there is a problem with attendance at this pool…you can’t count on being able to use it when you already paid to do so.

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