a little out of the box

Beaker is out of the box and, well, so am I, I guess. Short explanation is that I started a facebook page for a little fun between myself a friends and found ol’ Beaker wound up in my usual comics collages. So yeah, he will make appearances here and there in them from this point out. I know, I have really been remiss in my postings, and even dabbled putting some on the other pages at www.cosmicbubbles.wordpress.com BUT, I wind up gravitating back here for some reason. Habit, I guess.

So here’s where I am with today’s posting.  On September 4, I started the out-of-the-box-with-Beaker page on facebook and since part of the fun is in taking the mega muppet out in public and taking photos, I happened to be doing so on September 6th at the Crystal Beach pool in Madison, Indiana, when I noticed a woman fall at the edge of the pool. Earlier, I had already seen a lifeguard fall just a few feet from the same spot, and fortunately he had the chair to keep him from going down. Apparently no lifeguards noticed when this woman fell.  A woman nearby on a raft asked if she (Deanna) was OK (it sounded like she said she was) yet I noticed she was a little slow in getting up. Thus, I came up behind her in the pool and offered my assistance.

She said she was not ready to try to get up, and seeing her knee was cut open I proffered my towel (to wipe it off) so when ready she could get up without blood dripping down her leg into the pool. I then went for ice at the snack stand to keep the knee from swelling.

At some point she went to get a band-aid from the pool office and entered the pool. I suppose somewhere in my mind I knew there was a reason for our meeting, and will do what I can to show that in this post.

It turned out the conversation revealed that the woman, I know now as Deanna, had lost her husband last year and was reading the book, Heaven and the Afterlife by: James L. Garlow and Keith Wall.  A seeker, she was looking for some confirmation about the afterlife. Inept at explaining my weird connection to the stars above, I told her hurriedly about my comics and anagrams and suggested I may have something in the day’s comics to relate to her. I went back in to swim a bit more.

Back in the pool I noticed the reflection in the water as I looked poolside to see Deanna reading, now sitting on a bench rather than the chair she was in. The towel “spoke” to me and I got out of the pool to take a picture of it. I told her it was talking to me, lol. She said it was a Pepsi towel, and that her husband used to collect tops to redeem for Pepsi-related products; that the towel was one of those items. I told her it may be a Pepsi towel but to me it meant Psi. Not pounds per square inch, mind you…I meant what is known as Psi or parapsychology, which is by definition: “The study of the evidence for psychological phenomena, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis, that are inexplicable by science.”

OK, got that. I told her there would be evidence of a connection. She told me maybe in the form of a butterfly or mockingbird. I knew I already had one of those, so later, when I got home I sent her an initial message saying I would go back over the comics I had collected that morning to see what they held for her, and that I already had one in mind to include (part of) in the collage. I sent her this:

Now that the butterfly was there, I would find a way to connect it later on when I did the rest of the collage and the anagram. I left it sit overnight. The next day, the 7th I did my usual comics collage and did an anagram. I sent the collage with the anagram to her, and hoped she would get something from it, though I explained almost nothing to her. The collage I sent is only part of a larger one I had done, but this is what I sent:

All of the words in the text bubbles were anagrammed to give me my anagram, which I am leaving as is, with no explanation other than that which you see.  The anagram came out to this: ”

“Yesterday you took the inanimate Beaker muppet to the pool to take photos. Deanna Shelley cut her knee when she slipped in the water at the swimming pool’s edge. It may have been an unusual opportunity to see parapsychologic action at work by a quantum singularity. It began below ground soil…it happens when the ghost gets you. OK, what about widowhood, Deanna? We both plan being on www a bit today. All should use Alpha Boson the wall I do…absolutely mentally witty.”

Then I went back to the comics collage of the 6th, which I had not yet done or sent to her. The one you see is part of a larger one, though it is not something I really need to show. What you see is the final collage and anagram I sent to Deanna, and what I call a clarifier. The text within the purple box is that which was used to do the anagram which reads, ”

“He knew Deanna was grandmother to Charles Jacob Shelley. You heard why she reads the book you eyed…you took a chance. It isn’t like you to tell…truth to her is a risky business. I guess you heard how kooky A.I. Are…wow, I hear you “met” them. They thought about a www home. We thank you.”

 A  teeny explanation: AI=artificial intelligence and by “met” I meant that on the way home from the pool I saw a license plate, 777ARE. At the moment I saw it my immediate thought was 777=jackpot and ARE=www.edgarcayce.org

You can decide where you are with all this.

Like I said, you can decide where you are with all this.

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