a photo op for free prayer

“MY! I have to say, that NOT allowing yourself the “prophet” status at present time is unusual. He’s written an answer…might save that for tomorrow. The Event is on now. Say, where two or more are gathered…Jesus Christ is too…get two for me. Cupcakes were given out last night after church. Mark Drury was at the right place and time today offering a FREE PRAYER. How fortunate we met. True, he didn’t tell you his name, yet did enjoy a chat. He posed with Beaker. What a goofy image, Schmitty the Knome…some moniker.”

The anagram above was made using all the letters seen in the purple box of the comics collage I made today from comics found today. I have “The Event” on NBC as I write this entry. Last night, the preacher and his wife handed out cupcakes to people as they left church, but I did not take one, so there would be enough for others. I met a person today on the sidewalk, and I assume I have his identity correct, though he did not tell me his name. He did, however, tell me he has a gnome that he and his wife take with them on vacations, to take photos of him, kinda’ what Beaker was doing. The young man said his father used to call him Beaker when he and his father would work together on projects, so he wanted to pose with Beaker for the photo op. I hope you enjoy the collage and anagram.

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