to the extent it is an unknown

“Today I see many men in a darkness. 

Some plan to use an oil drill…I think it may work.

A family says words effect you…you may seem to sway today.

Though Vickie uses more than enough text she appears to have methodically good daily results regardless the number of letters, so her unconscious mind is receptive to inexhaustible multisensory input.

The body of her work is a true testament to the ultimate statistical anomaly being measurable only to the extent it is an unknown.

Any attempts to reproduce proficiency here would infuriate anyone who doesn’t study how instinctually God works.”

The anagram above comes from the comics text bubbles seen below.


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2 Responses to to the extent it is an unknown

  1. Linda Taylor says:

    I do believe I am beginning to learn to understand the anagrams:))) It was making sense to me this time…. I luv u :))) Thanks for giving this tired brain a workout! LOL

    • V says:

      Once you get past the idea that there is more than one context and realize the anagrams are just words with letters rearranged it helps. Of course it matters little whether I have a lot of text or just six words…it only depends on what the universe wishes to impart. The “conversation” of the comics may be relative to the anagram or a totally different concept. Obviously there was an explanation here for those who needed it. 😉

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