ANAGRAM: “Now that I know it’s vestibular disturbance I won’t need to worry a lot. Just try to begin living without questioning that…let this whole thing go. What you get back is pure net. They like that you took the keys. They got a 24 hour path to you again. I hope that’s what you enjoy. They ask what time autumn is.”


The text for the above anagram is within the turquoise-colored field. I have apparently misplaced a set of keys. Earlier today I had the ENT tell me the results of the ENG…it showed I have a severe vestibular disturbance. Well other than the name, it isn’t news really, but it tells me where this thing is in my head that causes my spin. It’s a start to trying to live again.  And yes, autumn is my favorite time of the year,…it is that.

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