Being able to tell visitors to this site what this blog is about, or what I am about, is not easy. The word mishmash came to mind, but that’s all. Over a period of a few years I have fought a physical ailment and used comics and anagrams as a way to focus myself, albeit an unusual way to do so. It is one part of who I am. I doubt my explanation will suffice and either you get it or you don’t.

I read over hundreds, yes, hundreds of comics each day. When I see a comic bubble(s) that I like I copy and paste it to a file where I continue to collect the day’s interest. After that, I arrange the ones that seem to fit into some kind of running conversation. When I decide to anagram, which used to be a daily occurrence as well, I would then select a random amount of text bubbles and use that certain amount to anagram the words I had chosen. Sometimes the results have been facts, sometimes fantasy and sometimes what I get sort of creeps up on you. These are all interpretations of something I see.

I do this for my own entertainment and share if others are interested. Comics are those found daily on the internet, and that which I copy and paste is only used for my own creative repurposing, as you see. There have been times I did nothing BUT post these conversational comics and anagrams; I do have a real life besides this, but it is not written of often. Maybe I can get back to writing something of interest more often. If you are interested in looking through old posts, you might find it difficult to understand my correlations, appreciate the synchronicity in my life, me mildly humorous or just too plain boring. Being creative is all about one’s perspective.

Here’s one example:


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