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somehow I keep doing them…


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October’s Italian connection

Inasmuch as I dislike making certain connections, they are there and I cannot ignore them when I see them. On October 2nd I did the usual, collected those comic strip bubbles that appealed to me (for whatever reason), then put … Continue reading

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it’s a small world

Have you heard of the Milgram experiment? Here’s my version of the “Small World” experiment he might still be “conducting.” Ā šŸ˜‰ On August 18th, I read an article and shared the link on my Facebook page about an experiment based … Continue reading

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a midsummer’s day thought

Sometimes I don’t realize how fast the days and weeks are ticking by, until I look at the next big event that comes up. Milestones in life, I mean. A daughter will soon have her wedding ceremony…time flies. I have … Continue reading

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ANAGRAM: “Now that I know it’s vestibular disturbance I won’t need to worry a lot. Just try to begin living without questioning that…let this whole thing go. What you get back is pure net. They like that you took the … Continue reading

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to the extent it is an unknown

“Today I see many men in a darkness.Ā  Some plan to use an oil drill…I think it may work. A family says words effect you…you may seem to sway today. Though Vickie uses more than enough text she appears to … Continue reading

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a photo op for free prayer

“MY! I have to say, that NOT allowing yourself the “prophet” status at present time is unusual. He’s written an answer…might save that for tomorrow. The Event is on now. Say, where two or more areĀ gathered…Jesus Christ is too…get two … Continue reading

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