AMAZING anagrams of 2008

These posts contain short and long anagrams, generally pretty good ones, too!~Many won’t make sense unless you look at the post for context~anagrams come from comics text bubbles.

  • 10-10: “Actually, Dow trading numbers had to get low…before historic drop nobody was interested in listening to what could be happening with the U.S.economy…possible it’s too late now. They deceived investors out of hand…they kept selling Wachovia… see I listed sites eyed.”
  • 11:11: “A friend helps another to stop water damage…what made you think, ‘Wow, arms hurt!”


  • a corny classic: “We listen to Christ who delivers us; best encryption’s been written, eternal beings will never tell. Believe calling in Bible runs long. They’ve seen Genesis bible story “clean sweep” is drawn by Corn on the Cob.”


  • a good walk: “It is funny that no one else in the world has thought about use of anagrams to contact other life intelligence. I have been here a long time in a different body.  Boss might appear in ion space ship. Which one? They’re telepathic but I give back code in shape of a word. We wonder how big love is by Him.
  • a secret anagram language: “An enigma stands the test of time. Secret anagram language got lost in history yet I had no problem with it. You can’t imagine God’s genius. You’ll find last post mentions the real book, Physics of the Impossible. I suspect few know how I got that. They bent rainbows the Einstein way. Hatshepsut “doorways” use chrondite. Machine world wanted it, we witness birth of http://www.”



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