an hour and a roll of film

This is part of one of my CONVERSATIONs WITH GOD. Read first. I’ll explain later.
sticker6-03On Saturday, I went to the Pendleton Art Center and spoke with a man named Wolfgang Ritschel (in his gallery) and went through the studios of two other artists, and then afterwards, decided to go for a walk downtown. First I went to the library, and looked at the artwork in the cases, Casey at Bat, and the pottery displayed in the main entry area. I’ll call it my “wisdom warm up”. The only thing I had in mind was to go to the fountain…the fountain being (in my head) an association to Jesus, He being the single font (which means both the typeset (Word) and the literal translation: the fountain) of life. So I drove past the bus pearly-keyarea and noticed a man wearing a shirt that read “DIRTY-DIRTY” and parked in front of the 5/3rd building about a block away. I gave myself an hour on the meter, to walk around, camera in hand. My first inclination was to empty the roll already in the camera and used one shot to photograph the locust tree over my car and then I changed to a new roll of film.


Starting where I was I took a picture of the newspaper boxes, one headline reading “Are We Connected” and I noticed the word “pulse” written there also. I then saw the next box, which contained a news article about the Graham mission having been “a year ago”; incidentally that was when I began taking pictures, realizing I was taking pictures in conversation with God. Essaying, I call it. I saw something also about a Big Splash in OTR, which was where I had just been. In the picture of the water I saw the one eye (left) in the water to indicate God’s wink. That is one of my signs-the wink.

I proceeded toward the building that houses the Contemporary Arts Center. I walked past the Walgreens store, noticing the windows and went into the area by the escalators and found a window in which was displayed an open box of a pearly-type necklace and below that a gold-colored key. So I squeezed between the window and the escalator to take the picture. The next shot was done lying on the floor looking up and out the back area of the building to what I saw as two things, one the little “i” as in happiness, and also as an exclamation point. I stopped for a moment to look at the copper plates with water washing over them and turned to find an open elevator door displaying a wooden circular form. I saw the faces in it immediately, so naturally, I took a picture.

city-beatI followed the walls back to where I entered the building and my eyes landed on the City Beat magazine. The cover held a man depicted in chains and the words that attracted me were One Word, One Fight. That’s right, One. Top rack… nothing on the bottom. The next picture was taken of the old Shillito’s building, and in the frame I saw the flagdblbowinlazarus above and the two clock faces below. It was very bright at the corner, so when I got this picture back I was astonished to see the picture was very dark, had a double rainbow streak going through it. I could see in the next picture that I took how sunny it was outside, and there was no shadow where I stood, but accept the picture as it came back to me. The picture of the batter did not seem to have a head so I immediately saw ahead of time, and positioned to take the picture so the clocks were the batter’s head. To back the pictures on my scanner I picked up the book about photography and placed it on the scanner, exposing the letter “y” and the word “focus”, which certainly adds to the whole message here for me.

I watched some little boys play in the fountain a while, and decided not to take their pictures, since I had no way to ask permission from a parent. I did see a woman taking their picture but still felt it would not be right for me to do so. I waited for the water to change before taking any pictures of the fountain. There was one particular statue that I wanted to photograph at first, but knew I wasn’t supposed to for some reason, so I did not. It turned out that the very picture I did not take, was taken by an artist whose photo I saw on Sunday when I went to the bell tower showing. I told her about not taking the picture, and being happy to know she had taken it. So of the three pictures I took, I use two in my essay, because the third was a little blurry. The building to the right caught my eye because of the words I could see from where I stood. Instead of it reading as Belcan, I could see “Be can”…which lent very nicely to the bigger picture. I spoke to a few individuals on the square and then proceeded east. I stopped at the corner of the building where Good Morning Cincinnati is filmed, noticing that the two “i”s 2iisaboveechoed the clocks opposite the square. As I was starting to take the picture the man who I first saw as I parked entered the picture. I chose not to photograph him and then as he approached me, I touched his arm and showed him how the picture would have looked had I taken it: two “eyes” above him, with “twice dirty” on his shirt. He said he understood, interestingly enough. I peered in the window of the GMC studio; there was a pig in the window, one of the PigGig pigs. On the pig was painted a set of dice and a “fifty” chip, like gambling. Part of the conversation, I figured it fit well in the chaos/Einstein/God theme that runs through my work. There are those who do not belive God speaks this way, so I am glad it filters in now and again. I believe all things are possible with and through God. We just smile at each other a lot.

ursAt the corner I looked up into the sky, noticing the clouds pointed my sights north, where I saw the building with the letters URS on it. I read it as a word “URS”, meaning God’s vicinity, up there, past the buildings. I later was told the letters are for the three engineers who either designed or built the building. Unsure which, but I read it as “yours”. I looked right and saw the words on the bank US bank. I also saw the street lamp, reminding me of “Spirit” and “Opportunity”, the two NASA rovers. I took the picture so the word “bank” was not seen, just the word “US”. It was easy enough to understand with URS in the opposite direction. I just laughed.

I crossed the street and saw the Fountain Bookstore (which carried magazines from all over the world) and gazed through the window. I started laughing because there was a YOGA magazine there and the previous evening I had a conversation with kee-yogasomeone wherein I pointed out that when he told me the cartoons and other coincidences meant nothing at all, and that I should just “do yoga” instead. I told him I do, sometimes, and to prove how aligned I am, when we went to the Pendleton on Friday, we pulled up on the main street to park behind a car with the license plate “ DO YOGA”, no lie. He wouldn’t make the connection; he denied it even as funny. His loss, not mine. I thought it was a great start to an evening out for me, setting my mood as a night out with God ever-present and me aware of His presence. I just wished I had had my camera to take the picture of the license plate.

Back to the bookstore here, the Yoga book has on it “A spiritual version of romantic love.” To the left of it in my viewfinder is the phonetic spelling of Kee. Yes, I wear a key. Outside on the street, a car is parked with the license plate CR1OUR. This could cr1ourbe see our one, oh you are…see our one hour, or crier, or whatever anyone else wants to think, including the person who drives the car. I always have my version, because of my own conversation. I stopped in the block before the car to take a chipsdelightpicture of a hose connection in the wall of the building…connection….two openings with an Elkhart insignia in the center. I started with a connection.

The next picture was the chip cookies, a half-eaten bag of cookies next to the fence. Since my walk was with the “Intelligent Designer”, it makes sense that His conversation goes into my little “chip”. So there were a couple of cookies in this open package and I laughed thinking about the snack reference I have received in the past, like a doggie treat for a job well done.  

bridgedfountThrough the fence I was able to get a picture of a fountain sculpture, unsure the building or the sculpture, but the gold and silver colors caught my eye, and one can see it as a bridge in part. Interestingly as it printed out, the printed crumpled the paper somewhat so slug trails appeared from the bridge through the water and beyond. Metaphors abound.

The next pictures are of what a man named Jim told me is an eagle, a kinetic piece at the corner of the building where kinetic-sculptureI parked. I stood there for a moment and took two pictures, one appearing as a V and the other as an X. Well, I am V and I have X to my credit, I am female. We know about the Y thing. The next two pictures I decided to combine when I noticed how the back of the car melded into the building, appearing as though on platform and going towards Mt. Adams. I see this as a very strong allegory. The car I had noticed when I was a couple of blocks away, and when it showed up next to mine I knew it was there for His made-man-platereason. I took the picture, and the license plate says Made Man. Signatures are like that. Funny thing, when I had this roll of film developed, the picture was missing, as something that seems to happen often with my pictures. It was the second to last picture on the negative. I went back to have it developed the following day after I noticed one of my e-mail newsletters from had the words Man-Made underlined in blue text, as a link. It reminded me that I had taken the picture, thankfully, so I COULD make sure it was developed. I am so blessed to have a reminder service, and to be aware when I read between the lines for God’s purposes.

NIGHT CLOUDS: Three NASA rockets blasted off from from Wallops Island, Virginia, on Sunday night and created some beautifully glowing man-made clouds. Sky watchers saw them hundreds of miles away. “The clouds were small from this distance, but quite noticeable….”

Coincidentally, the word “wallop” was multiple in a cartoon I had sent out a day or so before. Anyway, the picture shows the license plate MADE MAN and the picture to the right shows Mount Adams and the Immaculata Church. Oh, and the billboard reads something about casino slots 1 cent to $100, but in the frame only the $100 is seen. mtadams100The bet was double or nothing I guess, because of the fifty betting chip. I laugh, knowing each week I leave a dollar and a penny in the collection plate. The bag of cookies was left where I would see them, halfway between the 50 chip and $100. Concrete Atoms and Eve.

The picture that was the last one of the roll I cleared before my walk is the last one in this chapter. Maybe because I know that He who is last is also first. The locust tree was above my car. In it, someone else told me he could see hundreds of crosses. Well, his name is like that. When I looked at the next book in my sightline while scanning these, the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand came into view. I placed it on the printer, well aware that something would come to me. I read things as: The Universe, a Y (Man), an Hour, Atlas, Shrugged…thinking about my testimony in church when I think of the word Atlas, meaning part of the backbone (which I call Jesus in my life) and that which connects the head and the body. I read the last two paragraphs in the book Atlas Shrugged, having never read it at all before. It was about the author and reads as follows 

To all the readers who discovered The Fountainheadand asked me many questions about the wider application of its ideas, I want to say that I am answering these questions in the present novel and that The Fountainhead was only an overture to ATLAS SHRUGGED.

I trust that no one will tell me that men such as I write about don’t exist. That this book has been written-and published-is my proof that they do.”

 And to backtrack to the actual end of the story Atlas Shrugged; I have not read the book itself, but quote the last three sentences:

The road is cleared, “said Galt.

We are going back to the world.”

He raised his hand and over the desolate earth he traced in space the sign of the dollar.

For me, it just confirms that hundred to one thing I do every Sunday. God is very circular in His logic. 😉

art-museum-eveI remember writing this the day of taking those photos, a few clues about the day:”2 ahead and 4 below with 3 above it all; nine amuses-yang is yin-and Eve says “Grace I saw”. For now the clock a quarter turns; the faces cloaked in time, a rainbow lights the shadows with nothing less than rhyme. A parable the voice once read-an octave sang anew, reveal at ion river’s bend who heard and then told you.”

**I did all this because AOL closed homepage, and I did not realize that included any netscape pges I had made a few years ago (this was from 2003). It came to my attention yesterday that I needed to do this, so I’m doing what I can to re-create what was funstuff11-13lost, since I had links to those pages on my wordpress blog, and a number of other places. Since I mentioned the pearls and key in a previous post (conkered), I figured the rest of the story should be told. At least this is part of it. I can’t tell you exactly what God and I said to each other, but the photos are part of the conversation. Some pictures were not available as I did this, but I’ll find them sooner or later. Meanwhile, it’s a post and a page, too.

Comics collages will be back soon. I have a backlog of a couple of days.





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