cincinnati connections

 I  was born and raised in Cincinnati, and miss it very much, but I am getting used to small town life south and west of the border, after being here a couple of years. I have a couple of pages online with links to where I lived most of my adult life in Anderson Township, and a few other cincy favs.

The photo is that of the Miller-Leuser House in Anderson Township. I found out about 10 years ago that my 5x great-grandmother lived there.

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP HISTORICAL SOCIETY– Located in the brick house on the same property as the Miller-Leuser Log House. The log house is a 1796 log structure and was the oldest continually occupied log home until 1968. There is also a barn, a corn crib and an outhouse. The Historical Society is home to a genealogy collection and a research department for the Anderson area. Open June through October. 1-3 p.m. the second and fourth Sundays of the month; and by appointment. Free. 6550 Clough Pike at Bartels Road, Anderson Twp. 231-2114.
I used to live in Anderson Township, an eastern suburb, after living in Oakley and Hyde Park for many years. In Anderson I raised kids, a couple of pets, had two husbands, no, not at the same time. 
I used to like to go to Withrow Nature Preserve or Woodland Mound for daily walks, the latter had a great 18 hole frisbee course. I loved it. I miss having parks within a couple of miles of where I live, but Madison has Clifty Falls park, an Indiana State Park. There was a park practically in my back yard in Anderson, until they built the school there.  My favorite city park to walk in was Stanberry Park. I have spent many days walking inthe creek there. All the parks are great for walking! Stickers for Hamilton County parks were only about $5 per year, making those quite a bargain. Cincinnati city parks did not require a sticker or fee, and Cincinnatians love their parks!
Here’s something you don’t see every day. A Castle!
 The Chateau la Roche is located in Loveland, Ohio.
Other places I liked to go were:  
Downtown in general, anywhere along the riverfront!                           

I live in Madison, Indiana now. Downtown is a national historic district, and the hovel pictured is where I call home.


To say it needs work would be more a misunderstanding than anything else. It is falling down, but it has potential. What’s life without a few challenges? This place is that.


2 Responses to cincinnati connections

  1. wanders says:

    My wife and I met while we were students in Cincinnati. What a wonderful, wonderful city. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  2. Gary Holt says:

    I visited the castle when I was much younger. It was the 70’s and my dear friend Vern took me there and I met and spoke with the man who built it. Vern’s family let me stay with them when I had no home of my own. Thanks for the memory of the castle and of Vern and his family.

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