Clipping with God


Clipping with God



“God is in the details.

It helps to have a saint doing the work;

composed with an artist’s eye

and cultivated with a gardener’s heart.”


These are newspaper and magazine clippings which I first cut out, put in a box, then pulled out and wrote in the order in which I “heard” to do them, as though letters from God.



“Who can show you the way to find the needle before you drive to the haystack , without leaving home? The answer is @ your fingertips. Old hands liked the new Master Touch. Authentic smart ways to enhance brain changes. Designer ‘rocks’ leaves her ears ringing in every sense of the word. Head-to-toe helpers point to continued use.


Imagine learning new thoughts on the rebirth to fit your needs. What kind of gift would do; a Canon of comics? It’s no joke. This may sound silly, but originals never change. They just get better. Stars. Revealing the whole 1-2-3 in seconds. Visions. Material benefit for making us and Creating Others could stir memories of stranger things. Bold Legacy changed The Path. Vision development at Crossroads. They do trust You’re Committed to Making a Difference. We’re Committed to Making it Simple. A duty to remember doesn’t hurt, either. You remember to use your Legends of Design. You are a.d.d.


My next canvas will reveal new sight of Him. A rare awe of the sacred called for a truly universal shake-up. At the center of your dream This feeling. Available after every meeting. Your gift; Use intuitive insights from meditation or sleep to understand your purpose’. It’s not where you look. It’s how.


At the Grace Foundation We make the World’ Best combinations more exciting. Finding the Original Source has fulfilled the Ultimate Power. Here’s something to pass along…your gift. Another generation is looking forward to introducing it into their daily lives. Integrating senses. Clippers continue with what works. Writing on the Characters works. Something for Everyone. Our kind of touring can redirect attention. Interior specializing helps you feel authentic. ‘I did it for ME’. Hear the difference. Who knew the perfect gardener’s helper is so secret. A whole new you put together by introducing the ABC’s of do-it-yourself re-inventing. The key is making an honest personal reach. You’ll like what you see.


This is the woman who lives (with dancing scissors picture) changing lives, front, back, or wraparound, they’re magical Signs of the Times. Your dreams put dozens of visual techniques and secrets at your fingertips! I just turned on the assurance. The Secret to something amazing. It’s knowing that nothing is holding me back. Then I chose what to do. The difference between-you just haven’t discovered. Keepers let us recover or reactivate your unbridled spirit. It came from getting personal trust, fixing with a twist. Love sent to me The One Source for all, Triangle saw all. Looking for ‘invisible’ encounter: the whole truth helpful. Immersed in trust fine (picture of TAU). Is It or Isn’t It Inspired Creator of this Garden, growing little gardeners, cultivating dreams.”


“‘You’re lucky when you select a self-improvement focus. No virtue can reach its highest usefulness without diligent cultivation.’


“Heavenly bodies guide (picture of key) inside-out glow, Today we woke up understanding, “But the angel said to them, Do not be afraid; for see-I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people…’. 100% pure joy; Heavenly kissers really think you know it works! So intelligent, I made up my mind to get it. Just then, reader saw Promise return before our eyes.”


Proverbs 20:24, “Since the Lord is directing our steps why try to understand everything that happens along the way?”


“Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away. behold, all things are become anew.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 and John 10:27-28 (NJV), “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand.”




“A strange and interesting phenomenon is occurring. There are those among us saving time in a bottle, existing ones that offer promising applications. They only want the best. Don’t be afraid of the dark.”


There are two ways of spreading Light. To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. You light a candle, ready for a change. Such a small gesture, such a big reward. Look forward to remaking yourself. If you think any caveman can build a fire, you’re not the first. We’d like to clear up a few things with a brilliant new craft you’ll really fall for. More than a miracle, useful thoughtfulness, a stroke of genius lifting the human spirit. Ironically, its random action is amazingly consistent. Ageless. Direct to you. So what could be the hard part?


To thine own self be a …a power. It’s remarkable! You can have your cake and eat it too. Ideas tend to forget what they are. Broaden your horizons. Many hands make light work. It is easy to be heavy, hard to be Light. Light can change everything. So, we just made a flash from the past. You’re worried. She sheds her worries. You’re in for a treat. So I invented…hints from an eccentric gardener. Think of it as no ordinary intelligent design. The Master Touch makes your pulse race. The Essential Source, breaking the rules. Hearing these two words, THINK FAST, I absolutely couldn’t wait. We’re not saying you should ** (picture of heartbeat disappearing),of course, we wouldn’t recommend that. This is what you hear when you know where to look. It sounds almost incredible. To hear it, you’d have to put your ear to it. It’s heart-to-heart for people who think, “God is in the details.” Details, details. Details, inside and out. Brace yourself for an enthusiastic hug. We haven’t, however, solved how. Let the form of an object be what it may…


It’s virtually invisible. We were astounded when the “WOW” (signals detected from space) slows down long enough for you to see it. How will you open door in the interest of science? A little human daring becomes the key. For those who value heavenly kissers, what goes with it lasts forever; it will remain with you all the days of your life. It means a great deal to me. It’s the dawn of a new era. You need the right stuff to come out of hibernation. On the other hand you’ve been artistic, authentic through thick and thin. We cut the cord, not the power. Turns out a few words on surfaces shed some light. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Hidden treasure crafted by hands is the best reason we have a reply from Heaven. Now you can read the evidence. Light is the Symbol of Truth. Strange therapies create a beautiful being. Talk about eclectic inspiration.


The Moment *_ ( an illustration of dinosaur, half in skeleton) more than a subtle thing. Why not show truths starting from “I want to create with my hands”. All of a sudden it’s clear what they’re saying. The way we interact with them will change dramatically, and the most incredibly liberating feeling. At times, you’ll only tingle, and you discover something that doesn’t merely wake you up, but opens your eyes.


How often are you inspired to see the First One? This is what happens, dear gardener. It’s a major step. What they did with a Kiss transformed the way you walk. All aflutter, find yourself experiencing strange balancing, the look and feel of steps in the right direction. Just what you need. Go to recover, restore. Secrets from the Top make you worth more. It’s in the details. Keepers in your legacy will make our world a better place. A piece of Heaven on Earth.


It’s what’s inside that counts. Strength beneath the surface gets innovating. Introducing the God Matrix. Let the Form of an Object Be What it May. Light, Shade and Perspective Will Always Make it Beautiful, Think of the Possibilities. The ABC’s of Living Mysteries Solved! Dream Come True? We think so. Attention to every detail that can make you expect the unexpected. The reaction is, “Are you crazy?”


It’s time for beginning riddles, Testing, Testing! Claiming to have your mind on my mind, who began, Let there be Light? Think fast, think fast. Your most powerful partner, amazingly yes, Omega. The key to unlocking the Legend…. First the marble was “crucial” in context. A little silly…that’s the icing on the cake. The world is now a happier place. You can see how she does it. Look inside. Ask.


The Pursuit of Perfection, then, is the Pursuit of Sweetness and Light. When you get it all…all it takes is that they see a love of the heart making contact. Effects inside the invisible. Isn’t that clear? You can count on something we all have a right to enjoy. Give Light and people will find a Way. You didn’t even know you had a secret for perfect balance. It stirs the soul. Goose bumps. Tingly sensations. Butterflies. All standard. A job well done snowballs. She’s clever, always in touch. Mission accomplished. This is the REAL ME.






“It’s like the ABC’s assure you that this was for the best. Reality like you’ve never seen it before. You might be surprised, a new way to take the mystery out. Oh, I wish…The Hidden media, savvy, savvy & smart. You may not be able to see them. Removing impurities. And doubt. Technically, you’re not considered SH …IF we are all beautifully sculptured it takes a team. Carpentry is simple and the tools are in your eye-catching fingerprint. I just turned wise.

The thought of it is actually worth waiting for. If you can.


You tell us like this. S O U P. (Anagram for OPUS)


Perfect English, from the Creators. They’re starting to get an identity crisis. Yellow is black, red is blue, blue is red, black is yellow .. .They’ve found a challenge. Little secrets will convince you. The way it’s made for every little thing under the sun. Out of whack?


You’re telling them ahead of time. Of course, afterwards, you gotta have the ups and downs of growing inside and out. Are you in? Yes! Yes! Yes! Now there’s a new confidence. The science of pure H2O, water. What he’s really trying to say…The reason for refusing to compromise are all around you. “Hope”. She’s found a surprising secret for happiness. To find her needle and the haystack success stories, the responsible adult in you will want to read a short history of building an authentic masterpiece.


Today’s the day we keep our promise. The second Keepers choose to pick only one fun and memorable way, blend the poetry of new physics with a kick, quite possibly the best., shrugging off the old “supposed to’s”. Good ness can be measured in a whole new way. We have just one thing to say. OK. What she really hiding? I get some direction. How could you? Light is the only word that comes to mind. Think, “I don’t know how she does it”. That clears the almost, now, you need a stronger magnifying glass-clears the eyes. Correct vision. Keep it interesting.


Hidden potential can be brilliantly restored. What happens when more speak up…the dramatic pause. One touch changes everything. It takes a handful, doing this, wonderfully individual and wildly different efforts. We’re always thinking of ways to help. I consider the PROCESS choreography, to spot the differences. So what would you do? Build a better moment. Think of it as a voyage of discovery, away from your ordinary noodle. The perfect garden, as close to the real thing as there is! License to discover on just about anything you can create. Oh yeah, it’s that good.


Joyful inside and out. We’ll take you there. See, you’ve always been attracted to open spaces. Open for a reason. Alas, you are but one mere mortal…who’s been granted super proof. It’s not like the rest. Keepers restructure whatever happens in front of the reader. A day to be transformed. Like it? Seek, classify, and display how to do it even better…. You can think of things we’ve noticed.


Everything you need to create a beautiful attitude, find it here….What you want will create defined shaped. Anything. Influences comes from all directions. You pick up on things when you live in harmony with nature. This philosophy leads to more than meets the eye. That’s why as long as there are angels this is my network. I’ve already created inside my head that one passion for every person, for every personality.


One day, I escaped. Now all my thinking is done outside the box.”




Visualize the invisible. You should see if you think light, Glorious, familiar sight. The angels fly high at this church. Now you choose the fit that’s right for you. Thinking different can be just about as difficult as balancing merit. The greatest experience is more than skin deep. Before you experience the Essence look how it blurs the line. Are you willing to remember the sheer joy of a little rejuvenation? Reminder, two heads are better than one.”


“There are thousands of possibilities. Which did you notice first? Trash talk (1)designed to give you Moosebumps. (2) Will Moses spirit perk up! Stand back in amazement. Wow! Life should be this simple. Side-by-side, a whole new lease on life. I had created a masterpiece (3) just for you.”


“Cuttings just came in hand-in-hand (4) and they’ll know its your world in minutes. Let’s start with the basics…Light roars along at 186,282 miles per second. Just not at this second. How do you mark time? Makers outsmart the jaded minds. In no time, back to your childhood. Therapists make big bucks for this sort of thing. “Thumbs up”. (5)


“You have exquisite taste. Talk is overrated. Think of all the things your doctor has done for you. Give a gift good enough to call your own. Create the intrigue but none of the consequences. A sophisticated twist on counsel, time to try something new! Make something. Therapy can be this good.”


“Blank statements…I don’t know how I became a _____________. I guess I fell into it. But I always thought I’d make a pretty good_________. That’s why it’s becoming a reality. Off with the patch…Could it get any better? We think we succeeded. You have the last word. This is a message from the “total gardener. You’ve got to hand it to the engineers in the compartment department. What is it, what is it worth? Healing adventure begins. It’s for the people. Just a few reasons why you’ll see and feel the difference. Only a warm-up.”


“Despite appearances, no it isn’t normal, isn’t step-by step; more sense than either, a road less travelled. Let’s leave the tough stuff to us and then you’ve got it made. Some people like to talk about their dreams. Others prefer to show them off.”


We got your back. Remarkable! It stands out in colorful transformation. You hold the key that really works! Now it’s actually possible. We love it in the know. ET heard about the power. Let’s stir all five senses. Maybe all you need is a little encouragement. Carpe Diem, Seize the Day. Watch them say ‘Yes!’ Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy. You must read on….”


Warning, this could seriously jar your concept. Lettuce (Picture of)think outside the picture frame. What easy lessons learned. You need to know the source secrets,The Mysteries. Because the laws of physics are simply begging to be broken, cruise into a new way, so fast, it’s scary. Heaven has taken the world by storm! There are no guarantees in life except us. Authentically, the way to wisdom doesn’t happen overnight. You forget. A creation so remarkable, it’s practically a miracle. And you decide, a personal approach is actually a sign of strength.”


“Somebody that woke up loves you. Fulfill them. They should speak your language. Visions, all about eyes. Who says you can’t teach? A beautiful finish, well within your reach. Try. Proven to help you look at what you can’t see. Lettuce celebrate. Enjoy life’s journey.”


“You grow up thinking that everyone is like you. Funny how you never hear about the Space-Victoria-Water thing? To improve our Original we had to go behind your back. Generally speaking, life builds character. Imagine what your discoveries of mice and men can do for you. Read that and more. The more you know what a soul does for the body, the better it works. The same mind that comes with knowing you can make you wake up energized.”


“Watch what you write. It’ll be around for awhile, Garden Angel. Show me the twist on traditional, not to be confused with the all-too-familiar. Ever had the feeling you could trust someone all the way down to your toes? You can do it, and it is an emotional reaction to some pleasant experience from the past. A hand to guide me, God is in the details. It helps to have a saint doing the work, composed with an artist’s eye, and cultivated with a gardener’s heart.”


**Though I have cut more clippings and not used all on the forms I have made thus far, the original messages will stand as written. Once the words are used on a form they may change the context somewhat, or how it is perceived, so this is why I have kept a copy of the words as originally strung together in “letters”.




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