God in the Comics

  ** This entry was put online in October 2007, before I had my computer back. (Entry 10/07/07)

Who needs some inspiration..God DOES exist, even in the comics!

Second day in a row at my friend’s shop, so I will try to squeeze some things of interest into this entry. I will try to boil it down to something understandable. I do daily anagrams from cartoons/comics in the newspapers. It is my God connection, though some may see it otherwise. the thing is, I do it often enough that it is a statistical event, or at least some can do the math. No way I can show what I have been doing the last year in anagrams in the couple of hours I am in the shop today, so I will just give you one comic strip that I have worked with recently.

I pick a random comic and anagram, like the Family Circus strip of 9-23-07, a Sunday comic in which “Billy looks at some selected quotes.” The comic can be found online at http://www.familycircus.com. I happened to pick that particular comic strip the day I went to the church down the street from me, for the first time, at the request of a neighbor. The church is the Pilgrim Holiness Church of Madison. The church was having a Bible School Concert that evening, with a meal of fellowship outside in the parking lot afterwards.

I had never been there before, but before I left my house I put a number of items in an envelope so I could give it to whomever I was supposed to. I cut out part of the aforementioned comic strip, the part that said, “You will learn by asking questions…I usually learn I should have asked somebody else!” I noticed part of the Ziggy cartoon was on the back, the words, “you and you take a vow” and the word “gifts” and “accepted” were obvious. Ziggy’s guru on the mountains’ face was there too, so I put a piece of clear tape over the face, and attached the torn comic strip to a post-it note, writing on it two anagrams, and I also attached a bright 2007 penny. It was part of the $3.16 that I put into the envelope for the offering. I sealed the envelope and then went to church. As I said, there were two anagrams included in the envelope, one written in pencil, the other in red pen.

The first anagram was, “King’s Bible shows all He did say in red, you may all quake, I sense usual love, so truly one.” The one in red said, “King’s Bible shows all I said in red, You may sense unusual love, so they all quake ye Lord.”

The envelope was sealed and a sticker put on it before I left the house. During the concert I recall there was a lot of mention about “questions”, and at one point, when one of the gentleman was introducing another, he said something to the effect that “the man cannot say these two words together: ‘perfectly clear’””. Well, something was already clear to me before leaving the house.

I later asked the PR person who came from the bible school if the envelope made its way to him (unsure if offerings were given directly there or what) and he assured me he had the envelope with the sticker on it. So I figured it was where it should be. I later re-anagrammed that same text and got, “He died to vanquish all your sins, always seek our King, a Bible led my soul, you sense all.”

The next day I had an appointment in Columbus, Indiana, with a neurologist. I have had a dizziness problem since last All Saints Day 2006, and though I am finally getting physical therapy, my doctor sent me to the neurologist after having an MRI done. So I saw him, he said I was wobbly, sent me to get blood tests. While in registration I noticed my diagnosis said dizziness and “giddyness”. I always thought giddy meant like ha ha, but as I have said, it has other definitions. So when I re-anagrammed that Family Circus text again, this is what I saw, “Savior use will make you look nuts, heal by Aquinas, He labeled your illness “giddyness”.

I considered that a confirmation…ain’t nuttin’ wrong with me.

As the week went on I went back to the family Circus comic strip, and this time I chose another part of the text to anagram, “Your echo will always give you a faithful answer,…with the same dumb question you just asked!” Hey I didn’t make it up, I am just using the text, and giving you the story. I realized I was purposefully not anagramming one of the quotes, “A penny saved is a penny earned…but what can you buy with one cent?” I knew why, basically I included the penny already…so anyway…

I knew I would not get back to church the next Sunday because it was Chautauqua weekend in Madison, Indiana. I had already promised my neighbor I would go the following Sunday though, when it was Bring a Friend day. Sometime on either Friday or Saturday, the pastor of the church tried to make a home call, but I was gone. I was a docent for the Cornerstone twilight tours on Saturday so I was out Friday and most of Saturday. He did, however, leave a note, and I recall smiling when I read where it said, ‘We trust that you felt God’s presence in a special way.” I always do.

So I anagrammed the second set of quotes, about the echo, and got these anagrams:

  1. Even while you miss Chautauqua Sunday, talk with Jeffrey Moore about way God uses this “will”.
  2. You must talk with Jeffrey Moore about Sunday, gave Holiness due, I will wash such a quiet way.”At this point I realized I have the pastor’s name and the church, and the fact that I missed church on Chautauqua weekend, and anagrammed it once more.
  3. Christ the King aids you , Jeffrey, usually about how He loves, wise woman must laud a quiet way.”

OK, I figured it was a message directly TO the pastor now, that I was to deliver. Fine, He twisted my arm enough. I did another anagram, “Buell had quiet attitude, an image of yours shows family value why you now wake Jesus Christ.”

I was unsure where to punctuate that. Buell was the neurologist I saw, and yes, I was surprised by his “quiet attitude”. Value came up…but I wasn’t sure what it meant yet. The next morning, it was October 1st, when I was listening to an interview on the Today Show, by Meredith Vieria, and a man from Sunrise, Florida, when he said, “I have chosen a side”…he said he was an agnostic until he found himself sitting in the middle of the totally splintered aircraft he had been flying, and he was sitting upright, seat belt still on, with few injuries. Now he has chosen a side. Just a little miracle now and then will assist people to believe, I suppose.

The words “wise woman” were still in my head. We do not normally buy the Madison Courier newspaper but the beau did on the 1st because there was a story in it about the Meese building, a building of local interest, I happened to notice a story beneath it, about a woman named Wise. I re-anagrammed the text I was working with and got this, “We asking you why RITA WISE HURT AT TACO BELL,with my love of you Jesus, human used a life squad.”

The story was about a woman named Rita Wise, who according to the paper, had been hit by a car in front of the Taco Bell about 10 Pm the previous night. Remember, the text I was using was from a comic strip a week old already. I am getting long here, but…at some point, on the 4th, I re-anagrammed the text (still from that same Family Circus cartoon) about Pigpen and cleanliness and came up with another more bison oriented sentence, “God’s little Einstein tests occipital sense on toons lining the plain, comic’s bubble text tells.”

The next couple of days I was pretty busy, so didn’t have much time for anagrams, but then by October 4th, I went back to the same comic strip and took up the last of the quotes to work on. Those being, “Godliness is next to cleanliness…little Pigpen isn’t too clean, but blest to still be in the comics.” Pigpen…yeah, the beau has told me his mother used to call him that. So the anagrams revealed “God possesses us, He calls connection, not text, implicit Bible talents, intelligent little bison.” Huh? Bison? Why would that show up in the anagram?

Well, it was simple enough to me to understand. On the desktop shelf, about eye level, sits a “canned buffalo” that my friend Darlene had given me. So I picked up the can, turned it to the back and saw the words, “bison occidentalis”, which to me meant, anagram again…so I did.

Intelligent senses got technical, but not impossible,let’s spell it, next lot, “bison occidentalis.”

Anyone paying attention here? Friday I had no time to look at the paper so I did not see the comics again until Saturday when I saw the previous day’s SPEED BUMP comic showed bison (the back of the heads of them at least) heading toward a merge in the road, as there was a lighted arrow pointing them to the right. The text of the cartoon said, “Aw geez, now we’re merging down to one plain.” Occipital, by the way, means back of the head.

On Saturday, I worked at my friend’s shop . I spoke with my neighbor about my anagrams, telling her I was going to print out the journal for the past week, and give the info to Pastor Jeffrey Moore. I also told her about the name Wise. She told me HER maiden name was Wise. Small world? Hard to say how small. I told her I would re-anagram and see if her name came up in the anagram. It did. It says, “We view all the dull stuff, you said Norma may be wise, though a kin, a way you quote Jesus Christ.”

Dull stuff? Well, part of my journal was just about daily stuff, mingled in with the anagrams, and the pastor has to wade through it. if he can read it (printer wasn’t working). As I was printing out the journal to give him I realized I needed to add another anagram, although it was only slightly different, it makes a difference, “Even while you miss Chautauqua Sunday, talk with Jeffrey Moore about this, will use God’s way.”

I handed the envelope over this morning. I noticed I gave my usual $3.16 in a folded triangle of money, and today the pastor said that passage aloud (John, 3:16) and he talked some about “will” and doing God’s will. I am pretty sure I did God’s will. I noticed the bulletin at the church today was rather special too, it was about pastors. I gave the pastor what I did as an affirmation that God is happy with his work. On the cover of the bulletin it says, God made pastors, and there was a nice poem. At the bottom on the front was a Bible quote, “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace.” (I Peter 4:10 (NIV)) I think I just did that today, didn’t I?

Thanks for letting me share a gift that some may say comes through the comics but I can also say comes through the cosmic. I hope no one minds I used their real names, but when it comes to me the way it does, it is fact, and I cannot veer from the truth as it is given to me. Pardon any spelling errors, I have poor near vision, but hopefully I reproduced the anagrams as originally given without spelling errors…I hope I did not repeat myself too much, and that it is understood what occurs here in the anagrams. I do this every day, with a random pick, and I am never disappointed. I was not disappointed in church this morning either. The pastor talked a lot about value…Jesus values us a lot, enough to have died for us. That sounds like a lot of love to me. Value.

What you see is what you get.


1 Response to God in the Comics

  1. Michelle says:

    “So I saw him, he said I was wobbly, sent me to get blood tests. While in registration I noticed my diagnosis said dizziness and “giddyness”. I always thought giddy meant like ha ha, but as I have said, it has other definitions. So when I re-anagrammed that Family Circus text again, this is what I saw, “Savior use will make you look nuts, heal by Aquinas, He labeled your illness “giddyness”. I considered that a confirmation…ain’t nuttin’ wrong with me.”

    This really did happen to you? I thought you just ‘knew’ the etymology of the word and made up something funny to lighten my post. Wow. God has some mad networking skills! 😉

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