Madison, Indiana is where I am spending the second half of my first century on the planet.  There’s the “official” Madison video and a new city government website .

Visit Madison madisonsign.jpg

The photo of the woman (statue) is titled “Let There be Light”. It is one of many excellent statues found here. Cemeteries are a great place to take a quiet walk and take photos of angel headstone art.prayingmantis.jpg

I’m one of those people who take time to see things people might not ordinarily see. The more you see the more you become aware, the more you become aware, the more you see. The little guy in this photo was about an inch and a half long.

The view outside my back door is serene beyond the trees. It’s a good thing because the views out the sides and front are depressing. Different parts of the landscape are revealed seasonally. It makes one slow down, take time to notice, when such a beautiful force is close by.

I have two dogs. “Reuben” is a Newfoundland-border collie mix, coloring on his chest looks like a blue heeler, though. When we got him, he and the chihuahua we got were the same size (and next to each other at the shelter). Reuben was hit by a car at one point, and is just a big dumb dog who steals cat or dog food from one of the neighbors, thinking I can’t smell food on his breath. We go for walks when I can, but he really needs a friend to run with some day.

My dog, Peanut, is what I call the bed dog. He’s a chihuahua saved from certain death at the pound. He’s old, fat, has cataracts, barks all the time, but what would we do without him?!!! Poor thing has only been on a couple of walks with me, but he still loves me.  (Update: Peanut is now in doggie heaven. He got me through the worst of my vertigo, so I will always be grateful for his love and companionship).   

I now have a deaf cat which showed up in the yard one day. I didn’t want a deaf declawed cat, but I could not find the owner. I now have a furry mess all over from a constant shedder.

Life is very different here than what I am used to in Cincinnati as I am in a shack just a sidewalk width off of a busy thoroughfare. I get nervous when I see pets outside. I like pets but when these guys are gone, that’s it.

Madison has pets online at the animal shelter for those in the area needing a new pet, but as I said, once these are gone, I am not looking for any.


Enough about the household.  Let’s go back outside!

This one of the many riverfront sculpture made by Paul Hassfurder of Madison. (also see hassfurder entry) He uses found objects from the banks (and sometimes the water) of the Ohio River, adding a few special touches of his own (he often uses home-grown bamboo). Paul is a local artist whose whimsical creativity is a wonderful addition to the riverfront.



Those Madison Folks:

Figured I would do some favorite Madison URL’s:


MUDCATPOTTERY (moved to Philadelphia!!!)
Below is artwork by Kevin Carlson, local plein air artist and sign painter.
Not in Madison but close enough, is  Vevay’s Musee de Venoge. A friend has put her a lot of her time and energy into restoration of this cute little place, but it still has a long way to go before it is completely restored.
My son’s handiwork (below) is called Crazy Guy.
He’s not in Madison but always in my heart and mind, as are my daughters.


1 Response to Madison!

  1. Michelle says:

    With a view like that and a sweet puppy to love, life’s got to be good.

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