Pot Bottom Moon

Pot Bottom Moon

Pot Bottom Moon?



Pot Bottom Moon? Sounds a little strange, yet artsy. Pot Bottom Moon is so named because one day, whilst no one watched, a pot boiled away the water inside of it. In so watchedpot.jpgdoing, a beautiful design, somewhat resembling a moon, was created on the inside of the pot. Though the pot is no longer used for cooking, a delightful Christmas cactus blooms in it twice a year. The unexpected often allows us to see beauty where we might normally see something else.

Pot Bottom Moon products are made from copper, lead-coated copper, and hot-dipped tinplate. Copper and lead-coat weathers well, but tinplate will eventually rust under moist or wet conditions. Using vat-dipped tinplate is preferred because of the intricate crystallization patterns that occur in the dipping process, adding a unique element to the design. The 19th century building in which the metal wares are made is located in Madison, Indiana. It once housed a candle-maker and a broom maker’s shop. During the 1960’s the building was used as a “tabernacle”, known as the East End Gospel Tabernacle. Thus, Tabernacle Tin.


The design for Tabernacle Tin angels or  so-called “keyhole” angels came via the “mystery of the seven stars” from Revelation 1:19 and :20, and the body of the angel resembles an old-fashioned keyhole. (my sister calls them ghost angels)Tabernacle Tin creations include “Ugly Bugs” (damselflies, dragonflies and praying mantids) adding designs as they come.


At the present production of all products is on hold…I’ll get back around to it.










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