Prominence at play

Could it BE Coincidence? (An old file, but new here).

molten304_small“A massive solar eruption, more than 30 times the length of Earth’s diameter, blasted away from the Sun on July 1, 2002, and the SOHO satellite captured graphic images of the event. The eruption, seen in the lower-left corner [of the photo], is what astronomers call an eruptive prominence, a loop of magnetic fields that trap hot gas inside.” (Reuters/NASA)

Prominence at Play
A Spelling Coincidence

What if, “they” say, coincidence was really co-incidence, and has little to do with coincidental occurrences? What if, co-incidence is more literal, more realistic, say like quantum physics, in that you believe something is there but can’t see it? What if co-incidence is more something we believe in but cannot see, so we have to take it on faith? Skeptics can see facts and not believe, or not see that which is believed. Some people believe anything and there are those who say coincidence is a highly statistical science.

In the literal sense, we can pick apart the words we’ve invented and use them in ways to confound ourselves, so why act surprised about co-incidence? According to this particular 1969 dictionary beside me, coincidence is the act of coinciding. Coincidentally, 1969 was when “we” walked on the moon. To coincide means to occupy the same position simultaneously, etc., etc. So if something is coincidental it would be occurring as or resulting from coincidence. Moonwalks are not coincidence, yet walking on the sun coincides here.

I look at coincidence in an inimitable way, to see co-incidence becomes downright statistically humorous, knowing Einstein didn’t believe God threw dice yet the chances for everything may be reducible one number. To take the word, which I did not invent, and break it down a little to understate it as co-incidence, I am ever more humbled by the tower of babble that has been created. Humor me. Take your chances and read on.

Co-incidence is everywhere. Like movie signs, sometimes things are bigger than billboards, bigger than life, and sometimes both can fall on your head. So in the word, “co-incidence” we find not only that “co-” can mean indicates, joint, jointly, together, mutually, etc., furthermore “co-” can be “com-” as well, providing a whole web of ideas beyond a single word. Uh oh, some smarter than average bear types are getting a little anxious.

In the word “incidence” we are taken to find its meaning reveals something beyond what we first thought, for incidence, is more than incidental. Incidence is an act, a manner of occurring or affecting, whereas an incident is a definite, distinct occurrence, an event subordinate to something else. The incidence, however, can be the extent or frequency of the occurrence or, in physics, we would relate this to radiation or an incident projectile at a surface.

I have to admit, my dictionary is a little older than what some might be looking through, but a 1969 edition works for me, just as 1969 was a very good year for a few good men to do a little non-earth traveling. Things started there you know—with the moon, moon rocks, moon trees, moon pies and all that stuff.

Knowing a good visual could help out sometimes, and knowing a moon pie would taste good but a little too messy right now, I incidentally came across one, which is why this whole thing started. “A moon pie started all this?” you ask. No, it was more the Cheshire Cat.

Oh me, oh my, now we’re talking cats and pie. What if, “they” say, life is more art than fact, and fact is more art than belief, and belief is more fact that art can ever prove, and what if God changed His mind? Huh? What if, first of all, He decided He wanted a new name, like A-1; not the sauce, but the thought behind it all—a nickname, like for Alpha One, as in the beginning? Seems a good a place to start.

What if, “they” say, A-1 decided that because everything wasn’t turning out the way He wanted, that He would change things a little? For someone of such prominence, it’s as easy as moving an asteroid a little to the left, please. What if He wants to get our attention because we have been on the so-called hamster wheel too long to argue theory intelligently? What if, again, A-1 decided the best place to start was with something we could see on a daily basis to prove He exists? That’s a lot of what ifs.

There will be those who say this is pure nonsense, or worse yet, blasphemy, that A-1 has already said, no pictures please, meaning only the Amish get points and everyone else is in trouble. Could be. I can’t really “prove” anything, because there will be statistical profs to show that coincidences are based on numbers, and there are those who are total disbelievers, regular skeptics, and those who can’t believe in anything bigger than the period after this sentence.

With all the ifs, reduction works best. Follow the http (below), copy the picture and run to your closest MS Word program to see how you too, can become a keyboard creationist. Adobe shows my true Einstein-Leonardo “out of the box”work, so I include the male form of that in black and white for those that prefer to see my brain in action, assuming men are dogs and females are cats. I’m no Michaelangelo, but what I have seen is, let’s say…an unusual perspective.

What if A-1 is more than anyone could ever draw but a better picture of what’s co-ming?

I, coincidentally, came across this book after doing my “artwork”.
Page 102: “God…is…the…sun.”

Left-brained Leonardo types might see this a little differently. By mirroring half something backwards, like Leonardo’s backwards writing, I have figured out how things coincide. I cut the picture in half and mirrored each side. It all boils down to how one spells.

1 spells.

One spells three ways.
1. Coincides.
2. Co-insides.
3. Coin sides.

See it for yourself in black and white. I call it the ROARSHOT test.
Sometimes spelling is everything.

A flip of the coin.
A roll of the dice.
Coincidence co-incidence.

What is the probability that whoever let the dogs out
let the cat out of the bag?

Leonardo da Vinci wrote backwards, but in the mirror one can read his writing. Have you ever read the Da Vincian principles?

How skeptics see things may differ:

I copied and pasted the picture SOLARPROM into some paint program (it is the picture above, by the way). I made it black and white, cut precisely in half, mirrored it. I saw two separate faces. That was only the beginning. The chin held a picture of angels, and there was more. Was it coincidence?

PS: There is a billboard up the street. In June it read, “God only knows how it will change your life.” Then it read “Great bread is just the beginning.”

Co-incidence is like bread.

It rises.

**When AOL closed homepage I lost a file on netscape. Figured this was a good place to put it. 😉

Original file created 8:21 am, Saturday August 17, 2002 as Filling the Pages with Thought



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