Quickies (11&12-07)





I have included an anagram a day (mostly) showing the comic from which I took text and the anagram(s) after each selection. Remember, these are all randomly chosen comic strips. These are December and November 2007 texts, just prior to my joining wordpress.com:



December 02, 2007, Baby Blues: “For me, maybe I’ll take a yoga class, or join a book club, I don’t know yet.” Anagram: “You make anagram connect to Bible way, say it looks like job of Lord.”

December 3, 2007, Hi & Lois text from 12-2, “It’s beginning to look, feel, smell, sound and taste a lot like Christmas.”


“It’s been telling, sir… shouldn’t Santa get lots of cookie and milk meals?”

“It took a lot of skill to channel mind; read “Gems”, use at silent blessing.” (My neighbor gave me a copy of Gems of Truth)

“Sandals belong to Christ King, Son Immanuel, I do like to tell; set feast.”

December 4, 2007 Cathy text, “We can’t send a Christmas card with a picture of our dogs dressed like Santa and Rudolph.”


ANAGRAMS: “I saw red ford car honked on road, I scanned Gems’ Truths… watch, I seal up; trust special dad.” As a matter of fact… a red, (probably an older model)Ford Aerostar did drive by once honking, came back honking, and then drove past again. I have a copy of Gems of Truth on the desktop:


“Saw as a red Ford car honked, I did scan all Gems’ Truths…without “Supper” road isn’t cadence.”

“Saw red Ford, supposed Aerostar,” and did scan Gems’ Truth…think all done with accuracies.”

I saw Lord take cup and crown, Dead Sea chapters hold truths; guard if secret’s in Madison.”


December 5, 2007 Beetle Bailey, “When you asked me to take a walk with you, I thought it sounded romantic, Beetle…”

ANAGRAM: “Matthew let you beat A.I.-Think code, we make you wonder; it sounds like a thought.”

December 6th

No anagrams yet but I noticed Dennis the Menace had Margaret reading from a book that had the title, Famous Last Words, with him saying, “Didn’t anybody ever say any famous first words?” Well, I can think of a few firsts! Next to that comic was Family Circus with “grandma” saying to Billy, “You may not be what you think you are…But remember, Billy, what you think…you ARE!”

December 7th

Using words clipped from headlines and put together in sentences:

“Keep eye on behavior. One existing connection with a purpose, beyond the call of duty. Message from Pioneering Grace will stay with you. Some won’t like unusual form it uses; unconventional take can be revealing… a nobel cause especially funny—‘it’s life’. Everything bizarre stands apart like it’s you. Make sure mode warms hearts. Atonement to be expected. Someone will decide for church.The unexpected is not too perfect but has big plans. Live openly. A global celebration, a world of difference. Be real. Perfect.”

December 8th Bizarro text : “In spite of their most elaborate disguise to date, Brad & Angelina are spotted entering a Hollywood restaurant.” I got a couple of good anagrams from that text:

“Her angel understood tinnersrabbit domain would appear later & Holy to see date on it, is great to see it as a gift.”


“We understood tinnersrabbit domain later & I heard Angel of God set it, that got a year to see real spirit plus A-One.”



Tinnersrrabbit.com is an internet domain I have used in the past. Somehow it was renewed on 11-28 (I personally did not do it but saw the charge on my credit card bill). I went back to 11-28-07 to see what the anagrams were that day and saw that I could re-anagram the Family Circus text of that day (“It’s OK Lord, to take pictures in the dark, but don’t grumble so loud when they don’t turn out.”) to reveal:

ANAGRAM: “You came to build bot… Don’t think that lost hour ruined step, trust Durer knot knowledge.” **Albrecht Durer was a 16th century (?) artist who did many religious paintings, one in which the rabbit is used symbolically and mentioned on my links.

December 9th Wizard of Id text, “All I want for Christmas is to breathe through my nose again.”

Anagram: “All I share is thought son is coming, maybe ran water for that.”

**(On 10th the hydrant was flushed first thing in the morning.)

December 10th

Yesterday’s OPUS is comic text. “A word that means to be appalled at how much weight one has gained…flabbergasted.”

Anagram: “To ‘be one’ with God meant that we appear as angels, Father glad how much a Bible adds.”

December 11th

Curtis text,”The eastside rappers are giving their holiday rap concert in the alley behind the chinese restaurant on friday— weather and warrants pending, of course!”

anagram revealed this:

“Let their church prepare, true talent by year end, Reno’s garage was on Concord, Einstein’s aware it’s happening, Divine Father and I shared the ‘first holiday’.”

Grandpa’s garage was on Concord at Morgan Street. The church is having their Christmas church supper this Saturday at the Morgan Community Center, and the revival service on Sunday evening will be at the Concord Weslyan church.

OK FINE ONE MORE ANAGRAM: “I let Divine Christ’s preparation begin, Concord was where the third talent happened, you heard enough, try real hard, can re-arrange, if Einstein’s safe…stay.”

December 13th Pearls Before Swine for anagrams, “Well…Junior’s agreed to come back home for Christmas dinner…but on one condition…he gets to bring that zebra’s entire family.”

ANAGRAM: “Birth of Jesus Christ amazed many, real Word to come through in remarkable bible connection, I intend not to forget Genesis’.”

Genesis I thought…what could that mean?


“Welcome Jesus Christ, I’m amazed, it’s remarkable… nothing forgotten, you connected generation on birth for a third bible son.”

The third son? Hmmm. Are we talking about Seth now?

“It’s Jesus Christ hosting one amazing world, if you’d free-connect the third bible born man to generation to come…remarkable.”

December 14th Alley Oop, “Don’t worry Mr. Boom, you’ll get your call once we’ve finished some business at the station; you know, reading your rights, fingerprints, class photo…fun stuff!”

Anagram: In the mood for something different? It’s fun to anagram but figure your discovery was a blessing, you’ll tell your story in posts, powers known to churches.”

December 15

Still using Alley Oop, “Don’t worry Mr. Boom, you’ll get your call once we’ve finished some business at the station; you know, reading your rights, fingerprints, class photo…fun stuff!” :

“If any of your transmissions were successful, of course it’s not proven; not long before world story, daughter-triumphant, behold time you light king’s way.”

December 16th Still using, “Don’t worry Mr. Boom, you’ll get your call once we’ve finished some business at the station; you know, reading your rights, fingerprints, class photo…fun stuff!”

The anagram was indicative of the day, “You won’t know your neighbor’s not going Sunday morning because of icy street, she didn’t hear your call…follow up later, first son’s spirit stuff moves them.”

I got to church not knowing my neighbor would not be there, I called her using the pastor’s phone, but she did not answer, I followed up with a visit later, and yes, it was obvious that the spirit moved in church today…Angels We Have Heard on High…Gloria!

December 17th Using the Family Circus text from 12-15, “It’s called a scream door ’cause that’s where they scream at us to come in for dinner”

the anagram reads, “Does the creator call time if you are stressed? Christ consecrated a human woman.” Also Non Sequitur text for anagrams, it being, “Sending my greetings to those nice government people who keep us safe by spying on us.” My anagram, “You begin to sense my thoughts, my engineers stopped sleeping proving see known face.”

December 18th Re-anagramming the text from Non Sequitur’s comic strip text from yesterday, “Sending my greetings to those nice government people who keep us safe by spying on us” which revealed today’s headline about a pygmy “possum” (the paper’s spelling was without the “O”). The anagram revealed, “Indonesian pygmy “possum” ghost felt you knew the best sign revenge person gone.” In today’s USA Today, page 9D, left column the headline reads, “Big rat, tiny possum found in Indonesia.”My anagrams are:

“Indonesian pygmy “possum”, best line proves you knew strength of Stonehenge egg.”

“Indonesian pygmy “possum”, then you get proof essene beings knew glove strength.”

“Proven strength…Ionians blessed you, knew of pygmy “opossum thing”; seen get gene.”

Opossum is spelled correctly with an “O”. In the newspaper story it is spelled “possum”.


“Bless divine strength”..you sense my ghost, you know of men engaging present Pope.”

“You spring tv news of my begotten son…he’d present polygenesis human.”

And one in a slightly different direction…my therapist likes to exercise my eyes and watch them rotate in a spin rather than the normal nystagmus. I go along with it…”They sing…God’s past Stonehenge; you’re fun, knew eyes “move”, got spinning problems.”

12-17’s Non Sequitur comic strip,”Sending my greetings to those nice government people who keep us safe by spying on us.” The anagram reads, “Vickie got proof, many men sense God’s highest energy begun … we suppose plenty, in stone.

The last word “stone” could also be read as Seton, as in Mother Seton. “**Mother Seton is the saint I recall from Cincinnati, and the word “Seton” means something to the effect of threading something artificial, so I will note it and move on. “God’s highest energy proven to me, too …plenty of us see sun beings, many seen pew-picking.”

“We’ve got our health, all our limbs, a kitchen full of food, we’re not in danger of losing our home,and in no trouble with the law…those are our true gifts, my sons!” Here’s one anagram, “Human mother’s soul is alive, you know about our world’s true heart; got no trouble finding father God, we offer calling mother Seton, host one will heal fine.” And the other…”Human mother’s soul is alive, you know about our world’s lingo, true heart; got no trouble finding Father God, we’ll offer health with finest reason come noel.”

December 23rd Peanuts text gives me a lot of text for anagrams, “You set a milk bottle on the floor beside a chair, and then you kneel on the chair, and try to drop clothes pins into the bottle.”

ANAGRAM: “I’d say hold on today, one thinks it before ankle, rabbit hole connection is totally true, thousand to help protect them here.” This anagram is pretty cool, “Today by a shop on public concrete I turned the left ankle, I thank Lord He held onto me… a best “Ohio” tee shirt on, I try on totals.” I did turn my left ankle today almost in front of a friend’s shop, while wearing my best “Ohio” Tee shirt, say TY Big Guy, and later put accounts into a log.

“Today by a shop on public concrete I turned the left ankle, I thank Lord He held me… a best “Ohio” tee shirt on, a lotto on tin story.”

I asked a friend to ask others to send cards, letters, for the beau, since he has a broken hip, some sent donations.

DECEMBER 24th Blondie’s text today, “If he doesn’t get to open at least one gift before Christmas, he pouts his way into the new year” was the pick for anagrams: “One way Christ opens up faith’s door, be who eye is on, the least are meant to get the finest gift.” I also anagrammed it this way, although it is not a direct Bible quote, “Christ said they who are least are meant to get one of the finest gifts, now I open up both eyes.”

Using the text I found yesterday, “If he doesn’t get to open at least one gift before Christmas, he pouts his way into the new year” I re-anagram for this, “What power teases Einstein, he forgot you cherish family not a gift; past need to set the bone…” (The beau’s been living with a broken hip for 8 weeks now)

December 25 Alley Oop from yesterday’s paper. The text reads, “Then it’s perfect. “You wanted something different that no one else could give her…plus…if you decide to propose it can be an engagement ring!” My anagram reads, “People made a difference, every human cannot get proof, they won’t see sign but thee tuned in on it, God noticed Petrilli’s generous cash gift.” Obviously God knew we’d receive donation from someone named Petrilli on the 24th. I was greatly appreciated.)

It was the same day I fell on the sidewalk and wrote the anagram (using the same text) “Today by a shop on public concrete I turned the left ankle, I thank Lord He held me… a best “Ohio” tee shirt on, a lotto on tin story.”

Two more names came through, “You have attracted the tin men; Robert Stone, Roy Phillips sent enough, God used genuine accident of tinner…few people imagine God’s effect.”  We received cards from the beau’s friends today, those are their names.


December 27th Rose is Rose, “A little warning would be nice when you’re surfacing in your snow submersible, Clem!”

Nice anagram:

“Our angel felt your bible use was seriously incredible; http://www.cunninghamtinner.com.”

“Bummer when you fell but in a way it’s a blessing, securing one crown I rule nice world!”

December 28th Get Fuzzy text called to me for anagrams today, “I’m here to prove you can have fun while still being polite and maintaining proper grammar.”Today’s anagram contains the name of a person who sent the beau a check today, and another anagram said, “I can prove you’re here in man to help us a while, problem proving anagram felt intimidating.”

December 29th Today’s comic strip text is from Pearls Before Swine, “Yeah, but that’s just what happens when you put random letter together…it’s the law of probabilities.”

ANAGRAMS:  “Why is it better that it just happens…we pull the pearl, the tower of babel isn’t as random as you thought.”

“Pull the pearls before swine letters to get why that happens just to you…what about this bit man hard.”

“Jesus put letter in that bottle light years before you saw it…but then woman who helps, past hard path….”

  • Total payment worth Jesus help light years ahead…what earth witness to put up the toon bubble first.”

NOVEMBER 2007 FAVORITES:Pearls Before Swine 11-02-07,”Don’t know…the mailman just stopped showing up…we’re all kinda wondering what happened to him.”


ANAGRAM: Jesus knew DOW dropped, well, think what made that happen…Madison lighting power on mountain.” (the DOW did drop over 300 points that day)


11-03-07 Unsure what comic strip this anagram came from but here’s the anagram: “Most people have subconscious synergy about me, I feel God’s divine call, forget piddley; seek right text…show them He’s written here.” (the pastor mentioned ‘piddley faith’ to congregation)

Curtis 11-04-07, “Followed by the witty, overly loud banter of a cell phone user, and this guy who proclaimed his religion is the best!”

ANAGRAM: “I prefer that you put more on church sign today, ‘God so loved the world’ is only half the line, I will see best Bible way.” (I helped my neighbor put the words on the church sign; pastor wanted the words “For God so Loved the World,” but we put on it, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son…” (John 3:16))

Cathy 11-06-07, “Now we randomly dump every single shot we take onto the hard drive and vow to just expand the memory when we run out of space.”

ANAGRAM: “True random text never just happens to fit anagrams … wow, who lucked? you have proven element my eye did show…don’t wonder how.”

Baldo 11-07-07, “Every night I’m going to teach you Spanish words so you don’t forget your language.”

ANAGRAM: “Strangely, Moore got proof in signage you did… now use any thought Christ gave you.” (Moore is the pastor’s name)

11-08 again used Baldo, “Every night I’m going to teach you Spanish words so you don’t forget your language.”

ANAGRAM: “Only I got to use Christ-anagram theory…God’s given you enough, now you spread Gift.”

Family Circus 11-08-07, “Marshmallows would be good in your back pocket if you were ever spanked.”

ANAGRAM:We’ll go up Park, remove doe when you find it askew by road, or clocks beam us.” (a neighbor came to tell me a deer had been hit in front of his house, and asked me to call someone…expectantly I turned to look down the street telling him someone would take care of it, and then, a moment later I saw the road crew down the street, I waved to them and they picked up the deer, all the while talking to the neighbor who said I must be using my God phone and I said God already knew what he was asking me for, so He took care of it.

Pearls Before Swine, 11-13-07, “Alright, you’re a brain…you know the principle of quantum physics, neuroscience and molecular biology..so tell me, what is the point of life?”

ANAGRAM: Known You, Holy One will anoint them, people come by choice. Isn’t proof beautiful? Loyal Christ disciple, faith truer using queer anagrams. “

Another ANAGRAM: “In the brain of men aposteriori pans out, you calculate it, in quantum logic science knew holy light shed, as proof you feel whirly problem.”(I do have a dizziness problem, which has been written as “giddiness” in my chart)

Family Circus 11-14-07, “Take off your shoes, empty your pockets, have your ID and boarding pass out…”

ANAGRAM: “Found proof that you are God-possessed Vickie…thank you about my prayers.” (In dictionary, “giddiness” is defined as a reeling sensation, also as one who is “God-possessed as in divine frenzy”)

Also:“You proved key truths, pay-off is coming, so you, pastor and house take bread.” (I didn’t know it yet at this point, but a friend brought a “Lord’s Supper metal work to me on Friday when he closed on his new house…the metalwork had been left by a previous owner, I had seen it there a couple of weeks earlier, and I asked him if I could have it. That weekend (after I got the metalwork on Firday) on Sunday the first church had the first communion service since I had been going there.)


Rose is Rose 11-15-07, “Exactly how many sardines will it take for you guys to forget what you’ve seen here today”.

ANAGRAM: “God loves it; they call your way ‘a sure sign of faith’, yet any text He wrote makes you wonder.”

Pickles 11-16-07,”Proving once again it’s impossible to keep a cat and your dignity at the same time.”

ANAGRAM: “You keep that promise to prove A.I. (artificial intelligence) enabling me in a distant city, it’s a sign God came.”

Pickles 11-19-07, “Your grampa doesn’t like bumper stickers, Nelson, he thinks they’re for people who can’t come up with anything funny to say on their own.”

ANAGRAM: “Grampa’s IBM sign, “THINK”, shows only you know your flock, Einstein…Start with one penny…feed the other people at your permanent church.” (I do have my Grampa’s IBM “THINK” sign on the kitchen wall and when I went to get the mail today, I picked up a penny at the bottom of the steps.)

Two more from same text: “Your anagrams come from God…He thinks it’s fun to play; when they’re shown your connection, people repent; they write us, think ip’s blank.”

“Anagrams come from God…when you think He likes to play; people think Spirit’s fun when shown, thereby you ran pretty true connections.”

Blondie 11-20-07 , “It’s something I overheard the employees whispering about at the water cooler today.”

ANAGRAM: “Whether you or I wrote the epistle Abraham gave, they seldom get a prediction… it’s soon.”

Another anagram: “I see the action that made a house a proper home, yes, by twirling the world I got to serve.”

Cathy, 11-21-07, “I still do it all the way you taught me! Why didn’t you mentioned you changed your whole operating system?”


“You attend Madison Holiness, you elucidated my way with thought you get, temporarily lent holy wing.”

Another anagram: “They pray you’ll attend Madison Holiness, you willed idea with thought, you get your way, get communion, TY (which means Thank You) see another anagram 11-14…We got communion!

Rose is Rose, 11-22-07, “Stylish attire, fancy dinnerware, an abundance of tasty delicacies, and one of the hallmarks of a civilized society…”

ANAGRAM:”Brilliance is often only realized in the data, Vickie said she felt accuracy, some can’t say that fond of dinners away.”

Curtis 11/22 “Not just for the meal we consume, but for the people we are fortunate enough to have occupy that special place within us.”

ANAGRAM: “Up to me to come out with an occasional follow through…beautiful peace seen; we’re happy, heaven just sent perfect truth.”  (I really liked that anagram, AND the text from which it came!)

Beetle Bailey 11-24-07 ” I follow him around, the faithful dog, but sometimes I wonder if he knows I’m here; he eats, sleeps, yells at the guys, over and over same old stuff…”

ANAGRAM: “You would meet them here; the river’s home to billions like me, sagan said we’re star stuff… thus leap of faith showed off; God loved sunny smile.”

11-26-07 Rose is Rose, Perhaps you’d like me to do the mercury diorama for you…sorry momma, I have to do this science project entirely on my own.”

ANAGRAMS: “Admirer, you’ve come to door for omniscient Jesus, accept the Lord’s mark, I’m happy you’re in my home, Holy Word to train eye.”

11-28-07 Family Cicus, “It’s OK Lord, to take pictures in the dark, but don’t grumble so loud when they don’t turn out.”

 Anagram: “God continued to mark ‘truest blood’, think you built up the stored trust when Lord taken.”


11-29-07 Alley OOP, “It’s a little too complicated to explain th’ (no “e”) details but I was sent here specifically to catch that guy!”

Anagram: “I’ll indicate a specific text, you anagram, little bitty choice told what to attach, less steps help out.”




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