the spirit animated

“Wonder how they use the quantum if only a day away? Await  first idea…The official Dreamworks Animation studio site…looked at trailer of a new Monsters-Aliens show and thought what a funny sight! Happy to hear he found his pet in the Little Spirit: Christmas in New York, on NBC TV. I hear that’s by Curious Pictures.”


 Last night I decided to do a second anagram from the comics collage I had posted in >:D< . After I chose the blurbles to use I immediately saw Dreamworks Animation in the anagram so I went to their site. One part of the site is for movies and the other for animation, and because the anagram told me animation I stuck with that. I watched part of the trailer for Monsters vs Aliens; the movie comes out in March.

A couple of interruptions occurred in my computer time, so I didn’t get back to the anagram for a couple of hours. By that time it was getting to be about 8:00. I worked on the anagram and about 8:22 I heard a voice say, “A spirit defies all rules of physics.” I had not been paying much attention to the TV because of the poor reception, but at that point looked to see what was on. An animation movie, Little Spirit: Christmas in New York was on, the only channel the TV picks up here, NBC. Since I already had visited an animation site I decided to look up whose animation movie this was, finding it was linked to Curious Pictures. I saw on their main page, under News/Announcements:

 “December 2008 Presenting an exciting new original animated holiday special entitled Little Spirit: Christmas in New York, which will air on NBC Wednesday, December 10th from 8-9 p.m. “

At that point I figured I had the right company. I included a reference into the anagram. I had already posted the collage  from which the text was chosen, so decided to just do a separate post. I didn’t get back to the computer last night. I had to change the words “tonight” and “today” from the original anagram so as not to confuse anyone, since I am posting a day later. 😉

Text used for the anagram: Before this goes further I must know the answer to a critical question about your um physical condition. Are they insane? There is no way that…You don’t understand it was a matter of principle…a matter of faith! This is when thinking ahead really pays off. What did you have in mind. Wise up! That’s how all this works!

Now onto today’s comics.

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