chicken little has some ‘splainin’ to do

Two anagrams: “I looked up this quasi-asteroid…who put that there? Humans watch it burn up. Show route with TV. Jesus saith knowledge is like an onion, what is written is in layers, so I trust Boss.” and this from yesterday’s collage: “I promise you’ll be happy in the end. On each visit the Holy Ghost points the way. He answers with Archangel wit. See it’s happening now, so I move it around often. I make it work in anagram.”

I hinted last week that the sky was falling…well, Chicken Little thought it was anyway. 😉 Between the bailout, the stock market and the baby asteroid (2008 TC3), Chicken Little has some ‘splainin’ to do. Don’t worry it’s a teeny little thing, according to NASA, “Objects of this size would be expected to enter the Earth’s atmosphere every few months on average but this is the first time such an event has been predicted ahead of time.”

I didn’t post yesterday though I had it ready. I guess I was waiting for today. Here are the collages back to back. The first collage uses text in the light purple field and the second collage uses text in the red outlined area.

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