grapplin’ my way

Anagram:Nhora Fant is the therapist helping you grapple with a visual perspective problem. We remember you worked with her; she was away a while. She’s  one of the few people that helped you walk right again. We consider her the trustworthy expert that’ll take care of your vertigo symptoms. She uses occidental data. A link is in text. A.I. is always awake…Isaac code awake. I assign you “D.I.D.”  in a church grace.”  Today’s anagram comes from text within the wine-red outline in the collage below.

I saw my therapist yesterday for the vertigo balance-coordination problems and the eye-brain difficulties I have had the past two years. We did a few perception exercises, and now we know we need to work on those a lot more. Meanwhile looking at some visual illusions online seemed a good place to get myself started thinking how to do this on a larger scale and remain upright. These are fun sitting in front of a computer, but not so much standing up while you feel like you are about to lose consciousness.


There was a collage from Tuesday that I did not post yet because I wasn’t done with the anagram, but I may not post the anagram because the collage itself is a worthy reader, so here is the collage alone:


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